Oceans For Emotions: Nine Commandments of fishing

By Elaine Wheat
June 6, 2014 at 1:06 a.m.

"Evening, morning and at noon will I pray." - Psalms 55:17

All sports have rules that everyone must play by. My best fishing friend and I have fished together so long, we have established a set of rules to keep harmony while we fish.

Some of these rules include:

  1. Don't tie your stringer on the side of the pier that you are fishing on under the lights, thus avoiding tangles and scaring off the fish.

  2. Take turns deciding where you choose to fish.

  3. Be sure to tie a slipknot when you tie the bait bucket onto the pier or onto your waist.

  4. Never fish across another fisherperson while casting out straight from you.

  5. Never laugh when someone loses a fish.

  6. While wade fishing in the surf, don't stand there facing a wave; turn sideways and let the waves break around you.

  7. Everyone that fishes also has to help clean the fish.

  8. Leave the beach and the fish-cleaning table cleaner than you found it.

  9. Thank God for every fish you catch.

Dear Lord, we only thought up nine fishing commandments to keep harmony while fishing. Help us to realize and appreciate the Ten Commandments that You made for us to keep harmony in our lives. And please help us to pray often, casting our faith upon You.You may purchase my book "Oceans for Emotions" for $10 by calling the Victoria Advocate at 361-575-1451. It may make a good Father's Day gift.



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