Reader wonders if disobedience was punished

June 6, 2014 at 1:06 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

A few days ago, I read an article in the Victoria Advocate stating that a young male student was on a Victoria Independent School Districts school bus. He started making a noise, and the bus driver instructed him to stop the noise, so the boy discontinued the noise. Few minutes later, the boy started to make the noise again. The bus driver lost his cool, and then, he man-handled the boy. The punishment for the actions taken by the bus driver for man-handling the student was that he resigned from his position as a bus driver.

I am wondering what was the punishment handed to the student by the school district and also by his family members for not obeying the bus driver when he was told not to make the noise again?

Years ago, if a student was told by the teacher not to do something and the student misbehaved by doing it again, the student was told to go to the principal's office. Well, a few minutes later, all the students in the small school building could hear the student in the principal's office making all kinds of hollering and screaming. The reason for the boy being upset was that the principal was punishing him by giving him a butt whipping with a paddle.

When the boy arrived at home from school, his parents knew about his meeting with the principal's paddle, so one of the parents continued to follow the principal's actions by giving him another butt whipping. After the parent finished teaching the boy a lesson, the young man had a difficult time sitting down on his seat.

This is what happens at the present time when God and the paddle are taken out of the schools.

Willie Joe Etlinger, Victoria



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