Reader shares poem for area educators

June 8, 2014 at 1:08 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

To wrap up this school year, I wrote a poem dedicated to all the wonderful educators who have touched our lives and hearts. I thank God for them and wanted them to know.


I thank the Lord for teachers and here's the story why,

They're a different kind of angel. They don't have wings to fly.

God needed special angels for His hands and feet on earth,

He picked them each out carefully - the day of their birth.

He gave them gifts and talents for teaching and for caring,

He blessed them with a heaping dose of patience just for sharing.

He knew they'd be important to the little lives they'd touch,

He knew each year their students would love them very much.

He made their eyes so sparkly - their smiles so bright and wide,

So children would feel welcomed to let them be their guide.

For all the teachers that I know, teaching is a calling,

It is not for everyone. (Ain't that the truth, my dahling?!)

It's not just a job or paycheck or a place to go each day,

Teaching is their heart and soul, a passion I would say.

They cheer their students on and motivate them to succeed,

They are angels without wings; yes, they are indeed.

They bandage knees and tie some laces, missing not a beat,

They kneel and sit on classroom floors, without a cushy seat.

They excitedly jump up and down when information clicks,

Then they pray at testing time, that all that teaching sticks.

They make learning come alive for children every day,

After school, on weekends - grading papers until May.

I've seen the way the students tug their shirts so they can share,

A story, tattle, random thought - a loose tooth, if they dare.

They're angels without wings. They laugh and sometimes cry,

Using words of inspiration, they encourage kids to try.

Teachers have a place reserved, deep down in my heart,

Because each child that journeys through, forever they're a part.

I admire them for loving kids as if they were their own,

For taking time to nurture all the seeds that they have sown.

I thank God for teachers, the angels without wings,

But what I'll tell you now is why my heart just sings.

When school begins, God gives a teacher brand new wings to share,

With every single student - each one gets a pair.

Teachers don't have wings because they give them all away,

They give them to their students each year on school's last day.

All year, they've spent preparing them for this special flight,

Sometimes it's hard to let them go - they hug with all their might.

Their students use those wings to fly and soar to greater things,

And THAT'S why awesome teachers are angels without wings.

Heather Spears Kallus, Victoria



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