America needs more strong fathers in families

June 12, 2014 at 1:12 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Looking into the structure of our society, we find that fathers are a disappearing presence in our families. Many leave after their first function. Others are simply not wanted. The effect is enormous. A father as a protector has been important in families from the beginning. Emotional and financial support of a father is vital.

Every negative thing that can happen to children occurs with greater frequency in a fatherless home. Low performance in school, gang affiliation and sexual abuse are symptoms of this condition. More than half of all poverty takes place in a single-parent home. A great majority of the prison population is fatherless. Mental illness, emotional problems and teen pregnancy are also important negative effects. These are just a few of the results connected with the disappearance of fathers. Many studies address the effects of the fatherless home. I ask you to do your own research. Check online sources or visit your public library. A problem must be understood before it can be solved.

In conclusion, most of us - most of the time - must do the right thing. Building a strong family is a good thing. Families must do a better job of morally forming children if they are to prosper and our democratic institutions are to persist. This will not happen if the government is husband, father and provider in our families.

Robert Pohl, Hallettsville



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