Alternative Medicine: Hidden causes of weight loss resistance: Why you can't lose the fat

June 17, 2014 at 1:17 a.m.

By Dr. Tim Holcomb

Doing everything you can to lose the fat, and it just won't come off? Exercising like a madman? Starving yourself? Fad diets? HCG? Diet pills? Prepackaged meals?

Even people with Lap-Bands or that undergo liposuction can see failure. They probably lose weight during the first year, but few people lose weight after that, and many start gaining weight right back again.

Regarding exercise, it can actually cause weight gain because of stress if it is done in excess.

The problem with each of these methods is they can actually train the body to store fat. The body thinks it's starving. This causes the metabolism to go way down, and fat is not burned.

Being overweight is a hormonal problem in which the weight set point is too high, and the metabolism is too low.

Hormonal imbalance is why we gain weight in different body areas.

A male hormone pattern causes fat accumulation around the trunk and upper body, and this person is at higher risk for heart disease.

A female pattern causes fat accumulation primarily around the hips and waist.

As we age, our metabolism tends to decrease as our hormones decrease by 1 to 3 percent per year after 30 years old.

The answer is to balance the hormones.

How do you determine the degree to which you are overweight? Body Mass Index is based on the relationship between your weight and height.

If your BMI is between 25 and 30, you are considered overweight. If it's 30 and higher, you are obese.

Also, metabolic age can be measured to assess your body's ability to burn fat.

Another important measurement is your percent body fat. The storage form of body fat is unnecessary and accumulates in fat cells and around internal organs. A body fat percentage from 20 to 24 percent is considered overweight, and more than 24 percent is obese.

Fat loss can be achieved permanently, efficiently and safely if all the right factors are considered without having to be frustrated.

Dr. Tim Holcomb is a Victoria native dedicated to identifying the root causes of the symptoms of chronic disease. Through his natural health and wellness practice, health talks, writing, he continually researches ways to help people recognize the underlying causes of their health problems and attain a healthier, more enjoyable state of living, free from chasing symptoms. His numerous articles can be found on his website

Tim Holcomb is a Victoria nutritionist, pharmacist, naturopath and chiropractor.



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