Bowler continues hot streak with another 700 series

June 18, 2014 at 1:18 a.m.

Michael Conchola has passed the 700 mark in Rolling Thunder competition the past three weeks with last week's score being the highest.

Conchola torched the pins with games of 232, 263 and 256 for an outstanding 751 series to lead all bowlers in two weeks of scoring.

He also scored a great 275 individual game on his way to a 710 set the previous week.

Jeff Cass had two big individual games and only one open frame on his way to the second high series in the Sunday Strikers League.

Cass rolled games of 211, 255 and 257 to total 723 for the night.

Senior bowler Joe Talbott produced a very nice 257 high game on his way to a 717 series.

Other 700 bowlers in the last two weeks were: Gary Hatter Jr. (248, 248 and 225 for a 721), Mike Stacy (256-720), Jamar Bryant (256-703/687) and Tom Crowe (703).

Bowlers breaking the 650 mark were: T.J. Mooney (699), Steve Zeplin (264-693), Frank Suniga (276-686), Victor Thomas (257-679), Dave Matthews (678), Randy Morris (669), Harvey Hernandez (665/258), Steve Dickinson (659), Bobby Marques (656), Zack Wilfert (655), Sterling Kocian (249-654), Kevin Iraggi (653) and Robert Gonzales (278).

Samantha Wharton has also enjoyed Rolling Thunder league play by posting the top women's scores the last two weeks.

Two weeks ago, Wharton rolled an impressive 267 high game on her way to an outstanding 691 series. This past week, she rolled a 614 set to again lead the women's scoring in the same league.

Pro notes

The 2014 PBA Summer Swing Tour started two weeks ago with the Wolf Open being televised.

The tour consists of the Wolf Open (32 feet of oil), the Bear Open (40 feet of oil), the Badger Open (52 feet of oil) and the Oklahoma Open, in which bowlers qualify on all three patterns. The top seed picks the pattern for the TV finals. The tour is being broadcast from the Oklahoma Grand Casino Resort Hotel by CBS Sports on Tuesday nights.

Sean Rash was the fourth seed in the Wolf Open, and he electrified the crowd with an opening 300 game to defeat Chris Loschetter. The perfect game earned Rash an extra $10,000 bonus.

Rash won the tournament by defeating Martin Larson 225-221, Mike Fagan 241-214 and top seed Chris Barnes 238-179.

Dick Allen won the opening match in the Bear Open by defeating Rhino Page 226-204.

Third seed Ronnie Russell defeated Allen 195-192, Bill O'Neil 215-212 and top seed Tommy Jones 234-164 to win his first American PBA title.

The Badger Open was broadcast this past Tuesday, and I will post the results next week.

I wish to extend my condolences and sympathy to Karen Boyd (Stroud) on the passing of her husband, Ryan Boyd, last week in Florida. Ryan had been ill with cancer for several years, and he finally found peace a week ago last Tuesday. Family and friends will gather in Florida to have a Celebration of Life next week.

SUMMER SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST (tie) UP IN SMOKE and PROVOST POSSE Women: J. Reyna 202-542; Men: J. Cass 257-723; M. Osterson 239-648/574; C. Bigham 225-642243/580; G. Hatter Jr. 235-604; E. Smith 237-601; J. Silgero 236-593; D. Knowlan 5873; H. Tesch 580; M. McLemore 579; J.J. Soto 245-576; M. Gshwind 574; A. Williams 564; H. Cox 563' M. Hernandez 562/562; ROLLING THUNDER 1ST THE CROSSROADS ROLLERS Women: S. Wharton 267-691/211-614; J. McNary 214-560/533;J. Reyna 556' O. Jackson 555/519; L. Popp 208-547; Men: M. Conchola 263-751/275-710; M. Stacy 256-720/236-635; J. Talbott 257-717; J. Bryant 256-703/248-687; T. Crowe 247-703/626; T.J. Mooney 235-699; S. Zeplin 264-693/617; F. Suniga 276-686; V. Thomas 257-679/605; D. Matthews 240-678/583; R. Morris 669; H. Hernandez 230-665/258-618; S. Dickinson 234-659/242-644; B. Marques 656; Z. Wilfert 235-655; S. Kocian 249-654/563; K. Iraggi 235-653;M. Gshwind 244-640/226-556; J. Henneke 251-639; G. Berger 245-636; R. Gonzales 278-633; C. Flores 234-631; K. Stasny 225-627; P. Popp 245-626/233-612; G. Hatter Jr. 245-621; J. Cass 228-622/611; M. Soliz 235-621/566; Gritta 619/562; D. Marques 614; A. Williams 614; D. Knowlan 244-609; S. Snow 608; E. Smith 225-608/604; E. Gonzales 603; J. Mason 228-602; M. Osterson 606/588; H. Tesch 605/581; T. Bennett 604; S. Snow 604; R. Mason 231-601/227-562; C. Youngblood 598; K. Weinheimer 2225-597; B. Hartman 242-586; J. Blount 582; F. Thomas 582; R. Marques 236-582; J. Vasquez 231-581; A. Flores 569; R. Vasquez 569; D. Loya 569; G. Mitchell 568; J.J. Soto 569; A. Flores 567; G. Brooks 564; M. Zengerie 553; FUNTAPPERS (No Tap) 1ST TEAM #8 Women: J. Sims 253-704; M. Hopkins 252-644; Men: M. MICHALEC 300-811; j. Lesikar 276-707; M. Soliz 262-692/300; J. Weber 278-677; D. Tamm 676; R. Cooper 671.



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