Bay City connection pays off for Victoria Texans


June 19, 2014 at 1:19 a.m.

Victoria Texans' Brandon Brinkley returns a ball after intercepting a pass from the Mathis Lions at Patti Welder Stadium in a 2013 season game. Brinkley is from Bay City.

Victoria Texans' Brandon Brinkley returns a ball after intercepting a pass from the Mathis Lions at Patti Welder Stadium in a 2013 season game. Brinkley is from Bay City.

Bay City hasn't made the football playoffs since 2007.

But a glimpse of the Blackcats' successful past has been on display this summer at Patti Welder Stadium.

The Bay City connection has helped propel the Victoria Texans into the Primetime Conference championship game in their first season in the Texas United Football Association.

The Texans (11-0) will play the Clute 3rd Coast Hard Hittaz (7-4) for the title Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at Patti Welder Stadium.

"Words can't explain it," said linebacker Terrance Flagg. "It's like you want to go back to high school and play again. This is pretty much it."

Flagg is one of 10 players on the Texans' roster from Bay City, and almost all of them have made an impact.

Flagg was one of the Texans' leading tacklers and recovered a fumble in last week's 23-0 second-round playoff win over the Alexandria Bayou Bengals at Patti Welder Stadium.

Brandon Brinkley and Jermany Williams each had interceptions, and Brinkley also had a fumble recovery.

Quarterback Cordero "Showtime" Williams set a league record with a 99-yard touchdown run and also threw two touchdown passes.

Taylor Brown kicked three extra points and kept the Bayou Bengals backed up in their own end of the field with his punts.

"It's just a passion," Flagg said. "It burns. I'm going to play until my legs don't work anymore."

Bay City has made six appearances in the state final and won state titles in 1983 and 2000.

None of the current Texans from Bay City played on a state championship team, but they all had playoff success.

"We all love the game, and we all played together," Brinkley said. "I feel like we've got unfinished business since we never won a championship."

Most of the former Blackcats still live in Bay City and drive over an hour for games Saturday and the occasional practices Sunday.

But they don't seem to mind making the trip, and they've picked up a following in Victoria.

"This is a good town to be in," Flagg said. "It's real fun, and they have some nice places to eat. People are extremely nice. I get good compliments about my rings and my shoes. People say, 'You're a big guy.' It's just nice around here."

The Bay City players are anything but friendly when they get on the field.

The former Blackcats aren't afraid to get physical and won't let any opponent push them around.

"We're trying to give it to them as hard as we can," Flagg said. "I think we get into their heads."

Most of the Bayou Bengals were left shaking their heads after Williams' touchdown run.

He seemed to be trapped in the end zone but somehow found a hole and out ran every defender on his way to the end zone.

"He's incredible," said Brinkley, who played with Williams for three seasons at Bay City. "He's just a highlight reel. Come watch and see. He just makes plays. You think it will be a negative play, and he'll make it a positive play."

Brinkley, Flagg and Williams played on last year's team, which won the Crossroads Amateur Football League championship with a 14-0 record.

They encouraged as many Bay City players as they could to play on this year's team.

"I like watching the younger guys," Brinkley said. "Since I was playing at the University of Houston and really didn't get to watch them in high school. I like watching them, and I try to motivate them and keep them going in the right direction."

Brinkley recently played in the Arena Football League, and Flagg looks like much the same player who won a national championship at Blinn College.

The only difference is the way they feel after a game.

"I'll be sore," Flagg admitted. "Tomorrow, no, I won't feel so good. But right now, oh yeah, I can still play."



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