Rolling Thunder bowler rolls perfect game

June 25, 2014 at 1:25 a.m.

Kyle Stasny rolled a perfect game during last weeks' Rolling Thunder League action.

Stasny is no stranger to perfection, having scored two previous 300 games in March 2005 and '06.

Last week, he opened competition with games of 210 and 223 before finishing with his perfecto to total 733 for the night and earn the high weekly honors.

Steve Zeplin was giving Stasny a run for his money by matching him strike for the strike until the 10th frame when the left-handed Zeplin left the 7-pin on the first ball. He spared and struck on the fill ball for a closing 279 game and 720 series.

Tom Crowe also broke the 700 mark in the same league with a 245 high game contributing toward a 705 set.

Other scores of note for the men were Mike Unger (269-698), Jacob Silgero (277-683), Mike Stacy (682), Chris Flores (266-677) and Steve Dickinson (248-669).

Samantha Wharton continued her great bowling by edging Olivia Jackson for the women's top score.

Wharton rolled games of 212, 216 and 200 for a 628 series in Rolling Thunder League play.

Jackson scored individual games of 184, 209, and 232 for a 625 total in the same league.

Joanna McNary posted a very nice 235 high game on her way to a 576 total.

Denise Gabrysch matched McNary with a 576 set of her own.

It is with sadness that I report two more local bowlers have passed away.

Genelle Cavender was a member of the Over the Hill Gang for several years before health stopped her bowling activities. She passed away two weeks ago.

Leon (Tiger) Leita passed away earlier this week after a battle with cancer. Tiger was a member of the Dupont men's bowling league for several years. I knew Tiger from high school; he graduated a year before I did.

My condolences and sympathies go out to the families.

The Texas State Open Tournament has posted this years' final standings on its website.

I thought both houses had a good shot, and the final scores tend to prove it.

I averaged a 213 scratch score for the nine games, which in most years will cash.

There was only one local team that cashed and that was in Division 3 with team Just A Matter Of Time, finishing in 27th place with a score of 3,309. Team members are Miles Michalec, Bucky Hartman, Daryl Sedlacek, Jacob Silgero and Bobby Mowles.

In the doubles event, the local duo of Danny Reissig and Steve Dickinson were in a three-way tie for 23rd place with a score of 1,444.

Several local men cashed in the singles event with Bobby Mowles cashing in Division 2 for 90th place with a 707 series. In Division 3, Jacob Silgero was in a three-way tie for 30th place with a score of 759. Lee Caballero placed 75th with a score of 722. Also cashing were Mark Blohm and David Flores with scores of 715 and 713, respectively. John Cavazos cashed in Division 4 singles with a set of 718.

Three local bowlers cashed in all events with Tome Crowe placing 46th in Division 2 with a score of 2,090. In Division 3, Silgero placed 18th with a nine game total of 2,179, and Daryl Sedlacek placed in Division 5 all events.

If I missed someone that cashed, let me know.

This years' State Open paid out a total prize fund of $135,602.

The women's state tournament is still competing, but I haven't seen any local names in the standings.

Pro Notes

Bill O'Neill won his fifth PBA title in winning the Summer Swing Badger Open by defeating Brian Valenta 243-235 in the final game. After Valenta doubled in the 10th frame, O'Neill packed two pressure strikes in the 10th frame to win.

Valenta was trying to climb the step-ladder finals for his first PBA victory by defeating Mika Koivuniemi 237-172, Marshall Kent 236-165, and Pete Weber 204-190 before losing the final game.

In spite of the long 52' oil Badger Open pattern, the right-handed Valenta was playing the first arrow from the left and lofting the ball past arrows to keep his ball in the pocket.

The Summer King of the Swing final tournament will telecast next Tuesday on the CBS Sportsnetwork.

Fridays at noon, Century Lanes is hosting the color pin sweeper for seniors 55 years and older.

There has also been a very good turn out for the NO-Tap doubles tournament at 6:45 p.m. Wednesday.

SUMMER SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST SOFA KING REAL Men: E. Smith 227-631; C. Bigham 225-623; J. Silgero 618; H. Cox 594; M.Osterson 580; J. Cass 578; M. Hernandez 568; J. Brooks 556; A. Whjitehead 554; A. Williams 229-554; D. Knowlan 553; ROLLING THUNDER 1ST THE CROSSROAD ROLLERS Women: S. Wharton 216-628; O. Jackson 232-625; J. McNary 235-576; D. Gabrysch 576; L. Popp 546; Men: K. Stasny 300-733; S. Zeplin 279-720; T. Crowe 245-705; M. Unger 269-698; J. Silgero 277-683; M. Stacy 235-682; C. Flores 266-677; S. Dickinson 248-669; E. Smith 226-644; J. Walden 643; K. Iraggi 228-637; R. Gabrysch 627; B. Jackson 243-618; B. Marques 617; S. Kocian 616; C. Hoff 612; E. Gonzales 609; S. Snow 608; M. Soliz 231-606; D. Matthews 244-603; G. Mitchell 595; T.J. Mooney 226-594; R. Vasquez 593; G. Berger 593; B. Alex 233-592; C. youngblood 589; J. Cass 237-585; V. Thomas 235-584; M. Shows 583; M. Osterson 582; R. Mason 575; C. Martinka 574; G. Hatter Jr. 568; J. Cooper 567; T. Bennett 564; R. Marques 562; R. Morris 559; J. Bryant 558; S. Gritta 552; J. Henneke 551; FUNTAPPERS (No Tap) Women: B. Long 238-574; Men: J. Silgero 280-773; E. Smith 277-708; R. Cooper 300-706; M. Soliz 255-683; M. Michalec 266-654



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