Years ago for Sunday, Jun 29, 2014

June 26, 2014 at 1:26 a.m.


July 1 - Col. J.A. McFaddin, his daughter, Mrs. J.F. McCan; and grandson, Claude McCan; returned home Monday from Hot Springs, Ark., where Mr. McFaddin went a month ago for the benefit of his health, which his many friends will be delighted to learn is much improved.

July 4 - On display at the grandstand in the Public Square is a picture of the room at 239 Arch Street, Philadelphia, in which the National Emblem was presented by its maker, Betsy Ross, to the committee appointed by Congress to receive the gift on behalf of the new republic. Every citizen in Victoria should this evening view this picture and feel proud of the fact that we are all now All-American - North, South, East and West - and pledge to the preservation of the union and indivisible forever.

July 5 - If the Fourth of July ceremonies held at the Public Square Saturday demonstrated one thing above another, it is that the national spirit is strong in Victoria. Union veterans and Confederate lent grace to the occasion by their presence among those in the band stand. The people of Victoria, men, women and children - old men and young men, ladies fat, fair and 40 and lithe, lissom creatures under and over 20 and little tots in white kilts and pink and blue ribbons - gathered in great numbers to celebrate the day that gave birth to the greatest and freest republic the world has ever known.


June 29 - A permanent industrial exhibit featuring Victoria-made products is now being arranged by the Victoria Chamber of Commerce. The display will first be exhibited in a downtown show window, it was stated. Upon completion of displaying it in the show window, the exhibit will then be moved to the Chamber of Commerce office for permanent display. Perishable goods will be substituted by replicas of the real article.

June 30 - A modern seven-room house for R.L. Vaughan is being constructed on East North Street at an approximate cost of $4,300. R.N. Orr is contractor and materials are being furnished by Good Land Lumber Co.


July 2 - If you thought it was hot yesterday, you were right. Hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk, in fact. Georgia Monclova, an eighth grader and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Felix Monclova, of 504 W. Brazos St., proved it. It took somewhat longer to fry the egg on the sidewalk than the conventional method - 30 minutes, in fact - but it was done to a turn. The official temperature climbed to 101 degrees Wednesday at the U.S. Weather Bureau at Foster Field, according to meteorologist Clyde Young.


June 30 - With the rains that have fallen over the past few days, lawns in Victoria are bound to show fast growth.

While that may mean homeowners will have to mow the grass more often, it also means problems for the city of Victoria solid waste department.

Some residents bag their lawn clippings and then put them out with the garbage to be picked up and hauled by the city to the landfill. The end result is that valuable landfill space is used that could have been conserved.

"I would say it's a problem," said Fred Garcia, manager of the city landfill near Bloomington. "Anything you bring out here cuts down on our space."

But Garcia said he isn't sure just how big of a problem bagged grass clippings are because no one keeps tabs on how much is put into the dump.

The Texas Agricultural Extension service at Dallas has estimated grass clippings increase the volume of residential solid waste by as much as 20 or 25 percent from March to September.

Victoria has a 160-acre landfill, and about one-third of it has been used up over the past six years.

If grass clippings account for one-fourth of the space already used, the city could have saved about 13 acres of landfill space if homeowners didn't throw away their cut grass.

July 3 - Victoria oilman-philanthropist Albert Alkek, 79, is among five Texans named to the 1989 Texas Business Hall of Fame, said Texas Business Hall of Fame chairman Peter Wareing.

The Texas Hall of Fame Foundation was founded in 1982 as a nonprofit organization fostering entrepreneurial spirit in Texas.

As an inductee, Alkek will be honored at the foundation's annual awards dinner Oct. 26 in Houston. Proceeds from the dinner will be devoted to scholarships for outstanding Texas business students. A native of Houston, Alkek was raised in Victoria. He attended Peacock Military Academy and St. Mary's University in San Antonio and afterward entered the business of producing and marketing crude oil and petroleum products.



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