Oceans For Emotions: Clean out your tackle box

June 27, 2014 at 1:27 a.m.

Elaine Wheat

Elaine Wheat

"Let all things be done decently and in order."

- Corinthians 14:40

Today was a great day to get my tackle box in order since we were having severe thunderstorms. It's wonderful to get some rain because Texas needs it so badly.

I can see the grass turning greener almost instantly, and the flowers actually seem to be smiling at me.

So now, I'm going to work on organizing my tackle box. I usually dread doing this, but I'm trying to have a really positive attitude about it.

First of all, I'll start at the bottom level, take everything out and throw all the trash away. I will clip off all the old stinky string from the hooks and lines and then clean out each compartment.

Then, taking my time, I will put all of the tackle back in order. I will then go to the next shelf and begin.

Sometimes, I just rush through things, but this time, I'm going to take my time and clean out every little compartment until everything looks just fine. I may actually buy some new, shiny, silver hooks and bright-colored rattle corks since the new tackle will now fit in my tackle box.

Sometimes, it's important to clean out things in your home and in your life. In life, it is important to stop the stinking thinking and throw out any bad things and bad habits.

A good or bad habit is formed when we do something and repeat it over and over again.

So after several hours of cleaning and organizing, my tackle box looks just great.

I've decided I need to do the same things with my life. I need to throw out the bad things and keep the good habits.

Whatever bad habits I may have, I need to get rid of those.

A habit takes a long time to create and, therefore, it will not be broken overnight.

Dear Lord, be patient with me when I work at cleaning up my life. Please help me work on this on a regular basis so it won't be such a huge, overwhelming job. And, thank you, Lord, for this much needed rain.



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