Climate change supporters should take lead

June 27, 2014 at 1:27 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

It's time for all you climate change proponents who truly believe mankind is to blame for global warming to put, as they say, your money where your mouth is and personally do something about the issue rather than continue making condescending remarks about my resources or we who believe that if the phenomena is actually happening, it's because of the natural progression of our aging solar system.

Stop talking down to people who disagree with your position using snippets of information that don't definitively prove your point coming from crackpots like Al Gore or some government agency whose data depends upon inaccurate computer models that exclude some components of greenhouse gases. Quit resorting to name-calling slurs like "flat earthers" or "neanderthals" or "deniers" when our arguments have just as much validity as the conjecture yours depend upon.

If you really are a true believer that mankind is the cause of climate change and expect something done about this supposed fact of life, then prove it. Set the example. Show me the way.

Turn off your air conditioner, open the windows and buy a fan. Sell your car, get a bicycle. Stop buying food shipped in from around the world; plant a vegetable garden. Don't take luxury cruises or lengthy airline flights to exotic places when you have time off; enjoy a staycation. Adjust the winter thermostat downward and wear an extra layer of clothing. Get rid of all those energy-consuming electrical conveniences such as dishwashers, air purifiers, clothes dryers, coffeemakers, toasters and televisions or satellite receivers that consume electricity even when they're off. Plant a tree, don't mow your grass as often, turn off the lights if not in a room and recycle or reuse rather than continuing your one-way lifestyle from product maker to garbage can.

Until you do all these things and more, you're only giving lip service to a junk science that's all about victimizing nonbelievers like me rather than doing something about a problem your side claims can be changed if an elite few are given the higher authority over the rest of us.

Mack Simons, Wharton



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