Man on the street: Response to Hobby Lobby decision

June 30, 2014 at 1:30 a.m.

Hannah Katherine Speed

Hannah Katherine Speed

"Businesses have rights as well, and the Affordable Care Act infringed upon their religious beliefs. If employees disagree, there's plenty of other places to work. Birth control is not a part of basic health care. Insurance is to protect yourself from unexpected risks. There are so many other ways to prevent conception: condoms, abstinence, natural family planning. Finding another means of contraception is at every woman's fingertips, and if you decide to be sexually active before you're ready to have a child, then the burden of contraceptives should be on yourself, not your employer."

Hannah Katherine Speed, junior broker, Goliad

"It baffles me in 2014 that we can continue to tell others what to do with their bodies. Have we lost 94 years of progress? Not every woman is on birth control for sexual reasons. It is absolutely not an employer's right to impose on its employees. If your insurance covers it, it should be covered. Period."

Pamela Albonetti, stay-at-home mom, Victoria

"Everyone complains that businesses don't get to have opinions when the more alarming issue here is that women are being denied a right to their own well-being by this business and the government. All of these incredibly privileged people saying 'don't work there' or 'buy your own birth control' are missing the point - some people don't have the means to just switch jobs or shell out a bunch of money for birth control."

Paige Guerra,student, Victoria

"They agreed to provide 16 out of the 20 items, only opposing four specific types of birth control because they do not believe in abortion. The court defended their beliefs. They did not ban birth control, only that Hobby Lobby has to pay for it. They did not say it went against their employees' beliefs. They said it went against theirs. I keep hearing business doesn't have a place in personal choice. I also think personal choice doesn't have a place in business."

Caleb Shaw,real estate agent, Victoria



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