Mooney leads VUSBC Open Championship

March 4, 2014 at 7:05 p.m.
Updated March 3, 2014 at 9:04 p.m.

T. J. Mooney took an early and commanding lead for the coveted VUSBC Open championship.

Bowling his nine all events games in the same day, Mooney posted scratch sets of 608 in the team event, 638 in singles, and 661 in the doubles event for a 1,907 total pinfall.

If his score holds up with one more weekend of bowling on March 15-16 it would be his second city championship.

After last Sunday's competition, Gary Hatter Jr. took the lead in the Div. I singles event with a score of 675. Justin Tweedle was in second place with a 655 and Sharon Guinn was in third with a 645.

In the doubles event, Point Comfort bowlers moved in to the top two spots.

Todd Pfuhl and Mark Pahmiyer scored a great 1,366 score for first place. Pfuhl led the way with a 722 set.

The duo of Tony Williams and Willet Parker hold second place with a score of 1,353, Williams was high with a 712.

David Matthews (655) and Michael Stacy (669), two scratch bowlers, hold the third place money spot with a score of 1,324.

In the handicap all events race, Jerry Molina made a great run at leader Pedro Alva, who had posed a nine game score of 1,958 during the morning squad Sunday.

Molina fell short by one pin as he totaled 1,957 for second place.

Tony Williams dropped to third place with his score of 1,910.

The team, FCEE, took over the lead Sunday afternoon with a very good score of 3,291. Steve Dickinson led the team with a great 708 scratch score. Other members and their scores are Ron Gabrysch (629), Charles Aiken (661), Michael Conchola (649), and T.J. Mooney (644). Stroud's Vending is in 2nd place with a score of 3,000. The high rollers on the team were Steve Zeplin 663, Tom Crowe 631 and T.J. Mooney 612.

Theresa Garcia leads the Div. II singles event with a score of 667. Edmond Fingers is in second with a set of 632.

Fingers and Williams Jackson lead the Div. II doubles race with a score of 1,266. Jackson rolled a very nice 660 set to lead the duo.

Howard Tesch and Mark Hernandez are in second place with a score of 1,243.

Theresa Garcia leads in all events with a nine game total of 1,959.

The team, NVD, took over the Div. II team lead with a score of 2,965. Jerry Molina was the big gun with a 698 set. Other team members are Abraham Flores, Henry Ramirez, Lee Caballero, and Jesse Guerra.

Take Them As They Fall, dropped to second place with a score 2,869.

The tournament will not compete on the weekend of March 7 and will finish competition on March 15 and 16.

Great scratch score for the first week were: Steve Dickinson 279-708, Todd Pfuhl 257-687, Tony Williams 225-669/258, Pedro Alva 234-668, Steve Zeplin 663/239-638, T.J. Mooney 235-661/638/638/266-644, David Matthews 234-655/629/617, Kenny Schupbach 233-655, Gary Hatter jr. 238-651/236-600, Justin Tweedle 237-635/616, Michael Conchola 225-625, DoLee Knowlan 623, Joey Matson 623, Tom Crowe 621/228-612, Mark Pahmiyer 237-620, Darren Blohm 256-616, Charles Aiken 236-616, Rick Kalmus 227-611, Michael Conchola 611, Mark Hernandez 604, Sharon Guinn 595, Bill Jackson 590, Carri Lee 227-588; and Samantha Wharton 216-582.



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