Goliad County election tiebreaker still unclear

Sara  Sneath By Sara Sneath

March 5, 2014 at 10:03 p.m.
Updated March 4, 2014 at 9:05 p.m.

Tuesday night, as votes stayed neck-and-neck in the race for the Republican nomination for Goliad County judge, the question "What would happen if there was a tie?" began to circulate. The question still lingered Wednesday after results Tuesday left Pat Calhoun and David Bowman with 489 votes each.

Goliad County Republican Chairman Kenneth Buelter said the Secretary of State's election committee told him a recount is not necessary, and the tie would be resolved in the May 27 runoff election.

"Does that preclude them for asking for a recount? I don't think it does. But they could be losing the opportunity to be in a runoff if they lose the vote either way," Buelter said.

However, Buelter said the election committee has not put anything in writing about whether an automatic recount would occur. He said he did not think Calhoun or Bowman would ask for a recount of the primary results.

But Goliad County/District Clerk Mary Ellen Flores said Wednesday she was still under the impression that there would be an automatic recount. The ballots will likely be run again through the counting machines, she said. It is also possible that there will be a recount by hand.

There were about 10 provisional ballots in the Tuesday election, but they were all resolved, and there are no overseas ballots to count, she said.

"I haven't gotten any confirmation on actually what we're going to do yet," Bowman said Wednesday.

Calhoun said if it is determined that there was not an automatic recount, he would not ask for one.

"I guess we've just got to twiddle our thumbs until they figure it out," Bowman said.



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