Crossroads candidates set for May 10 city/school elections

March 8, 2014 at 6:01 p.m.
Updated March 7, 2014 at 9:08 p.m.

Victoria City Council will not have an election this year, but other entities in Victoria and the Crossroads are planning elections May 10.

The city does not have an election every third year, according to the city charter.

While the Victoria school board and the Victoria College board have elections scheduled, the boards will likely cancel them because the races are not contested.

In the Victoria school board, board president Tami Keeling filed for re-election to District 5, and trustee L.J. "Lou" Svetlik filed for re-election to District 3.

On the college board, incumbents have filed for re-election. Board chairman Ronald Walker has filed for re-election to District 7 , V. Bland Proctor to District 3 and John A. Villafranca to District 5.

The following candidates have filed in the region:

Calhoun County

Port Lavaca City Council - Mayor, Jack Whitlow, 59, retail store owner, incumbent; Council, District 1, Floyd Felder, 61, retiree, Jerry Smith, 51, electrician; Council, District 3, Lee Rivera, 66, retiree.

Seadrift City Council - Mayor, Elmer DeForest, 65; Council, At-large, 2 to be elected, Ranier Brigham, 57, fishing guide, Peggy Gaines, 45, homemaker. Election is expected to be canceled because candidates are unopposed.

Point Comfort City Council - Mayor, Pam Lambden, 70, retired; Council, At-large, 2 to be elected, George Hernandez, 64, chemical plant operator, Stephen Lambden, 49, chemical plant operator.

Calhoun County School Board - District 1, Jesse Briseno, 68, retiree; District 2, Joe Ortiz, 45, electrical technician; District 6, Janie Delgado, 63, retiree.

DeWitt County

Yoakum Hospital District - At-large, 2 to be elected, Linda Schmidt, insurance, Yoakum; Marlin Kuenstler, retired accountant, Yoakum.

Cuero Hospital District - No candidates.

Cuero School Board - Trustee, Beverly Blanch Kuecker, business owner, Cuero; Trustee, Pat Koranek, incumbent, retired postal worker, Cuero, Courtney Toller Moore, substitute teacher, Cuero.

Yoakum School Board - Trustee, Gary Colman, rancher, Yoakum; Darlene Renken, banker, Yoakum; John Braden, dentist, Yoakum. All are unopposed.

Cuero City Council - Cuero Mayor - Sara Post Meyer, retired, Cuero, Russell L. Williams, retired railroad conductor, Cuero; District 2, David Ruiz, self-employed, Cuero, Doyle Cruz, warehouse worker, Cuero, the Rev. Terry Wayne Glover, barber, Cuero; District 3, Brad Hedrick, wholesale electric marketing specialist.

Yoakum City Council - Place 4, Elorine Sitka, banker, Yoakum; Place 5, Rodney Jahn, business owner, incumbent, David Aselin, IT professional, Yoakum.

Yorktown City Council - At-large, 2 to be elected, Larry Miller, retired, Yorktown, Ruben Garcia, equipment operator, Yorktown. Incumbent, Francis Villa is not seeking re-election.

Goliad County

Goliad City Council

Mayor, Ed Carter, 71, Goliad, retired, presently a city councilman, Anna Lopez Machacek, 51, Goliad, housewife, former Goliad County Tax Assessor/Collector, Mayor Bill Harvey did not file for re-election; Council, At-large, 2 to be elected, Alfred Perez, 56, Goliad, Texas Department of Transportation, incumbent, Julia Gracia, 25, Goliad, butcher, Joey Thompson, 32, Goliad, juvenile probation officer in Victoria, Cheryl Worley, 61, Goliad, educator.

Goliad School Board - District 1, Carlos Gutierrez, 56, Goliad, process operator, incumbent; District 2, Robert De La Garza, 47, Goliad, oil-field tech, incumbent; District 4, Destry Gruetzmacher, 45, Goliad, tower construction, incumbent.

Jackson County

Edna City Council - District 3, Maxine H. Price, 73, Edna, retired, incumbent; District 4, Jean Anne Sorensen, 52, Edna, retired, incumbent, Tommy Srp, 59, oil-field technician; District 5, Johnny Vasquez, 63, retired.

Ganado City Council - Mayor, Clinton Tegeler, 39, restaurant owner; At-large, Mike Konarik, 61, pest control operator, Ventura Gobellan, Jr., 33, loan officer.

Edna School Board - District 7, Donnie Mac Long, Edna, Formosa, incumbent; District 5, Alfred Rosa, Edna, city of Edna, incumbent.

Ganado School Board - Place 3, Michael Luera, 41, Ganado, oil and gas, incumbent; Place 4, Jamie Bures, 35, Ganado, farmer/rancher.

Industrial School Board - At-large, Chad Williams, 50, Vanderbilt, sales; James Baker, 38, Inez, sales engineer, incumbent.

Lavaca County

Hallettsville City Council -

Place 1, Elmo Grant, 67, incumbent, retired police chief; Place 3, Alice Jo Summers, 62, incumbent, case manager; Place 4, Stephen Hunter, 60, incumbent, school bus driver.

Hallettsville School Board - Place 6, Robert Lundy, 43, incumbent, financial advisEr; Cindy Caraway, 50, incumbent, CPA.

Moulton School Board - Place 4, Brenda S. Kram, 42, incumbent, cost accountant, Kevin Pilat, 40, HVAC service technician; Place 5, Donna Perez, 49, computer programmer.

Special Election: Authorizing the board to purchase attendance credits from the state with local tax revenues.

Shiner School Board - Place 2, Denise Overton, 47, incumbent, business owner; Place 4, Andrew Schacherl, 67, incumbent, retired educator, Max Moore III, 39, self-employed; Place 5, Melinda Mills, 46, incumbent, self-employed.

Shiner City Council - At-large, 3 to be elected, Alois Louis Herman, 72, incumbent, retired, Bobby Boehm, 64, incumbent, retired, Frankie Bates, 64, public relations, sales and marketing, David Patek Jr., 35, ACE janitorial division manager.

Moulton City Council - Position 3, Kelley Moeller, 48, self-employed, Harvey Kloesel, 67, incumbent, restaurant owner; Position 4, Ernest J. Novosad, 63, incumbent, retired, Donald R. Wagner, 65, machinist; Position 5, Mark H. Zimmerman, 55, deputy sheriff and small business owner, Gussie Machalec, 69, incumbent, retired.

Lavaca Hospital District - Place 2, Rosanne E. Gallia, 53, of Hallettsville, incumbent, educator, Forrest A. Robertson, 60, of Hallettsville, disabled; Place 4, Baiba L. Pustejovsky, 70, of Moulton, incumbent, business owner, James F. Fenner, 59, of Hallettsville, self-employed; Place 6, John R. (Randy) Morton, 70, of Hallettsville, incumbent, sales; Jennifer Hagan, 36, of Hallettsville, homemaker.

Refugio County

Refugio City Council - Place 3, Lenny Anzaldua, 53, Refugio, incumbent, Bart Wales, 55, Refugio, designer; Place 4, Frank Hosey, 53, Refugio, incumbent; Place 5, Dale Skrobarcek, 50, Refugio, incumbent.

Refugio School Board - District 6, Andy Rocha, incumbent; District 7, Ethel Garza, incumbent. Election canceled, all places unopposed.

Woodsboro City Council - Place 3, Johnny Cisneros, 70, Woodsboro, incumbent; Place 4, Elix Ortiz, 59, Woodsboro, incumbent; Freddy Arriaga, 40, Woodsboro, technician; Place 5, Richard Sanchez, 67, Woodsboro, incumbent Jimmy Blaschke did not file for re-election.

Woodsboro School District - President, Robert Thomas, incumbent; Member, Ruby Martinez, incumbent. Election canceled, all places unopposed.

Bayside City Council - Mayor, Sandra Spada, 66, Bayside; Tom Van Buren, 61, Bayside, incumbent Ken Dahl did not seek re-election; Place 2, Veronica Koenig, 62, Bayside; Place 3, Janet Christensen, 61, Bayside, Cindie Sawyer, 51.

Austwell City Council - Mayor, David Cann, incumbent; Place 2, Nadine Garner, incumbent.

Austwell-Tivoli School Board - Place 7, Marilyn Pagel, incumbent; President, Butch Hopper, incumbent. Election canceled, all places unopposed.



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