Crowe bags lone 700 series for weekly high score

March 12, 2014 at 5:05 p.m.
Updated March 11, 2014 at 10:12 p.m.

Tom Crowe was the only bowler this past week to bowl a 700 series to take the weekly high series.

Crowe, who moved to Victoria from Colorado, has many years of bowling experience and last week demonstrated his ability to find and lock on to a great strike shot.

During Sugar & Spice League action, he rolled games of 255, 246, and a final great game of 277 for a 748 total. A 7-pin spare in the seventh frame was his only non-strike frame in the last game.

He was also the high roller in the Red River League with a 268 high game contributing toward a 694 set.

Congratulations also go to Crowe for breaking the bank at the Century Lanes for a very nice payday.

Kevin Stacy took a page from his dad and rolled a very nice 248-690 set for the second high score.

Other scores of note for the men were Eric Smith (264-682), Scott Snow (248-676/657), Todd Pfuhl (669), Jacob Silgero (665/255-650), Mark Svatek (664), Calvin Bigham (246-661), Mark Redding (246-660), T.J. Mooney (657), Bobby Marques (258), John Martinez (256), John Cooper (249), and Bob Korczynski with an excellent 289 individual game.

Lori Heil bowled a great score to make the "big girl" section.

Competing in the Sundowner League, Heil started the first game clean, but without a double for a 194. She then found her strike ball to finish with games of 254 and 204 to total a great 652 series for the women's high.

As for the "big girl" comment, every time Lori bowled a score high enough to make it past the small print, her mom complemented her by telling her she was scoring with the big girl high rollers.

Two other women bowlers also broke the 600 mark. Christine Speer with nice games of 200, 234, and 204 rolled a 638 series, and Bailey Koebrick posted a 227 high game, which contributed towards a 620 total.

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers for the week were Tom Crowe 751 (Sugar & Spice) and Lori Heil 721 (Sundowners).

The Women's and VUSBC Open City Tournaments will complete the final weekend of competition this coming Saturday and Sunday. The bowling schedules are posted at the Century Lanes and can be viewed at website.

T.J. Mooney is currently leading the race for the VUSBC Open Championship, and Carri Lee is leading for the Victoria Women's City Tournament Championship

The final PBA Pro League position round will resume March 23 at 1 p.m. on ESPN.

SPRING SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST SOFA KING REAL Men: E. Smith 264-682; C. Bigham 246-661; J. Silgero 255-650; A. Williams 225-644; A. Whitehead 234-628; M. Osterson 617; J.J. Soto 234-615; J. Cass 573; TURKEY TOTTERS 1ST SPARE ME Women: J. Sims 479; OVER THE HILL 1ST TWO + TWO Women: C. Goode 478; Men: J. Figueroa 552; A. Garcia 531; S. Gritta 528; R. Estrada 519; D. Persilver 518; E. Stevens Sr. 515; B. Alex 509; N. Watkins 213; RED RIVER 1ST MFP Men: T. Crowe 268-694; K. Stacy 248-690; T. Pfuhl 245-669; J. Matson 630; D. Richards 617; M. Osterson 615; S. Zeplin 598; R. Vivero 596; M. Michalec 592; D. Flores 578; D. Blohm 225-570; J. Figueroa 570; D. Marques 558; R. Kalmus 243-558; A. Garcia 237-556; T. Bennett 551; J. Silgero 551; MONDAY MIXED 1ST SHAKE "N" BAKE Women: R. Martinez 565; D. Stroud 208-521; M. Hopkins 517; Men: M. Redding 246-660; J. Cooper 249-646; B. Mooney 232-607; J. Walden 597; E. Gonzales 586; D. Padgett 581; J. Holbert 580; J. Talbott 231-577; B.J. Rubio 575; G. Goforth 570; C. Youngblood 558. R. Martinez 549; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST THE HAMBONES Women: C. Speer 234-638; B. Koebrick 227-620; O. Jackson 215-554; D. Drake 208-545; J. Reyna 529; S. Guinn 516; Men: T. Crowe 277-748; M. Svatek 238-664; T.J. Mooney 236-657; S. Snow 235-657; M. Michalec 226-645; S. Dickinson 631; M. Almendarez 233-626; M. Stacy 622; R. Gonzales 225-617; R. Ellis 615; D. Flores 236-607; L. Hall 604; C. Kurtz 600; M. Osterson 234-598; J. Silgero 230-597; J. Martinez 256-596; R. Vivero 225-595; J. Tweedle 245-594; M. Hernandez 591; S. Schmitt 591; C. Aiken 235-584; B. Mowles 573; T. Rutherford 564; K. Stacy 563; S. Kocian 563; M. Mathieu 556; C. Martinka 553; B. Jackson 233; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: N. Wallace 543; M. Sweeney 500; DOW MIXED 1ST ALLEY CATS Men: J. Rhymer 567; B. Banda 564; B. Aleman 555; J. Molina 552; SUNDOWNERS 1ST SOFA BED KING Women: L. Heil 254-652; S. Wharton 220-570; J. Thomas 562; T. Mason 224-552; P. Robles 542; G. Boyd 538; J. McNary 528; Men: S. Snow 248-676; J. Silgero 236-665; M. Michalelc 643; T.J. Mooney 643; K. Stasny 229-637; B. Korczynski 289-632; V. Thomas 245-632; V. Thomas 245-629; B. Marques 258-628; J. Cass 620; E. Gonzales 226-619; D. Reissig 231-612; M. McDonald 609; M. Osterson 602; B. Hammack 599; A. Suarez 226-597; J. Holbert 597; A. Flores 594; T. Bennett 593; T. Guinn 233-589; J. Blount 583; S. Dickinson 570; R. Kalmus 563; R. Rendon 561; L. Boyd 558; D. Marques 557; J. Glass 555; J. Bryant 555; M. Cantu 553; S. Gritta 551; R. Cooper 550; B. Alex 549; PINBUSTERS 1ST TEAM 4 Women: M. Ballard 160-423; Men: B. Innes 126-296.



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