Teen performs on corner, loves music (w/video)

Jessica  Rodrigo By Jessica Rodrigo

March 12, 2014 at 11 p.m.
Updated March 11, 2014 at 10:12 p.m.

Taylor Lane, 18, of Victoria, dances at the corner of East Mockingbird Lane and Evergreen Lane in Victoria. "Music is music to me," Lane said of his broad taste in music. "I like it all."

Taylor Lane, 18, of Victoria, dances at the corner of East Mockingbird Lane and Evergreen Lane in Victoria. "Music is music to me," Lane said of his broad taste in music. "I like it all."

Honk if you're a fan of Taylor Lane.

Most people won't recognize the name, but drive down East Mockingbird Lane and pass Evergreen Lane, and he'll likely be standing there on the corner.

"I'm not hurting anybody," Lane, 18, said on the sidewalk. "I just like to listen to my music."

He can usually be found in a pair of dark jeans, a backward baseball cap, shirtless with a few gold chains around his neck, enjoying his music and using his hands to rap along to songs by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis or other songs he pulls up on YouTube. Genre isn't a big deal to him.

"Music is music to me," he said. "I listen to whatever."

Lane seldom wears a shirt when he's out there - not for the sex appeal but simply because he'd rather not wear a shirt.

He has two tattoos on his chest. Each has the name of one of his parents etched in script, one with a rose above "Sonya" and the other with praying hands above "Alex."

Sometimes, he wears pink and white football gloves to support breast cancer awareness, and sometimes, he has a pair of earbuds that lead into his pocket where his cellphone plays his tunes. Whenever it looks as if he's moving to a beat but there's no sign of a source, chances are his cellphone is resting on his head under his hat.

When drivers honk, he'll wave as they pass. He said people will also ask to take pictures with him and let them record video of him to show their friends.

Family friend Mae Gadsden, 66, of Victoria, honks at Lane every time she passes him as he's entertaining on the corner, as she calls it.

"I think it's him. It's a portrait of him," she said.

Gadsden describes him as a sweet, outgoing young man who loves to sing, dance and make people smile.

She hopes he doesn't stop doing it because it's what he enjoys doing. That's what his dad, Alex Lane, said, too.

"He loves the attention," Lane, 41, said. "He's out here every day."

Taylor Lane treats his hobby as if it were a full-time job. He heads out to the corner every morning and stays out there until the sun sets.

It's easy for him because he lives only a few houses away with his dad, stepmother Vickie, older brother Dante and younger brother Andrew.

"If he's going hard, he might come in for a drink," his dad said. "But then he'll be right back out there again."

According to Alex Lane, his son is still a typical teenager. He spends time playing on his Playstation 3, talking with one of his girlfriends or scrolling through his Facebook news feed.

After undergoing recent surgery, the older Lane is using crutches to get around until his new prosthesis for his left leg is ready. He lost his foot in a bad accident in 2010 but normally doesn't need crutches. But when he does need a hand around the house, he can rely on his son.

"He'll hesitate to get off the corner, but he'll come home if I need him," Alex Lane said. "He just prefers to be out here on the corner. This is his thing."

During spring break, Taylor Lane's brother, Andrew, 7, sits near the corner with him.

Sometimes, when Lane takes a break from entertaining, the two will ride around the block on their bicycles.

"I think he shouldn't do it," Andrew, a first-grader, said about his brother's hobby. "People might wreck."

One time, a wreck happened in front of him. Lane doesn't know if he was the cause of it, but he was there to help when one of the drivers needed a cellphone to report the accident.

"I'm just out here watching and doing my thing," he said.



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