Reissig makes comeback with 744 series

March 19, 2014 at 8:02 p.m.
Updated March 18, 2014 at 10:19 p.m.

Danny Reissig recaptured some of his striking power from a few years back to produce the top score for the week.

Reissig has always had a smooth swing but in recent times his consistency has been lacking to produce big games. Last week during Sundowner League action, he bowled games of 245, 277, and 222 to finish with a great 744 series.

Velocity is the name of the game for left-hander Steve Zeplin, and last week during Red River League, he used it to his advantage.

Zeplin was able to over come the slow heads (first 15 feet of the lane) to crunch the pins for games of 230, 279, and 229 for an excellent 738 set for second high. A 9-pin spare in the fourth frame was the only non-strike frame in his 279 game.

Another bowler who has speed on his delivery is T.J. Mooney and he complemented teammate Zeplin in the second game with a 267 score of his own. The big game con tributed toward a 692 set to the recently crowned city champion.

Mooney also rolled a 663 series in another league.

Other scores of note for the men were Bruce Hammack (265-687), Kevin Stacy (654), and Mike Stacy (651).

Michelle Bonuz also used the Sundowner League to reclaim past bowling glory with a very good set to lead the women's scoring for the week.

Bonuz had a couple of open frames in the first game to end with a 184 game. She was able to string strikes the last two games to finish with scores of 236, and 226 for a very nice 646 series.

Competing in the Sugar & Spice League, Lori Heil and Christine Speer also broke the 600 mark.

Heil produced a 222 high game on her way to a 609 total and Speer rolled a very impressive 251 final game on her way to a 606.

Also scoring well were Rebekah Martinez 225-592 and Jessica Thomas with a 583 set.

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers for the week are Danny Reissig 771 and Michelle Bonuz 736, both from the Sundowner League.

The 30th Annual Victoria Senior Tournament entry forms are now available at the Century Lanes front desk. Squad times will be available on April 25 and April 26. The entry deadline is April 21.

The PBA League position round telecast will resume Sunday, at noon, on ESPN.

SPRING SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST SOFA KING REAL Men: C. Bigham 589; J. Silgero 581; E. Smith 227-578; G. Verduzco 558; OVER THE HILL 1ST TWO + TWO Women: C. Wilson 505; J. Lambrecht 490; Men: A. Garcia 232-625; E. Stevens Jr. 524; M. Al mendarez 520; M. Mathieu 512; J. Schmidt 206; MONDAY MIXED 1ST (tie) REDDING & ASSOCIATES and SHAKE "N" BAKE Wom en: D. Bues 509; D. Stroud 508; M. Hopkins 505; Men: D. Padgett 226-620; J. Holbert 612; J. Talbott 224-605; D. Loya 235-603; M. Redding 602; W. Reyna 231-595; G. Berger 589; B. Hartman 228-588; B. Mooney 586; R. Martinez 577; R. Vasquez 225-562; B. Redding 557; D. Ellis 554; M. Flores 552; RED RIVER 1ST RANDY'S RAIDERS Men: S. Zeplin 279-738; T.J. Mooney 267-692; M. Stacy 246-651; K. Schupach 242-636; D. Richards 238-628; J. Matson 238-623; P. Alva 620; B. Marques 611; R. Kalmus 225-600; T. Crowe 594; C. Kurtz 593; J. Tweedle 580; D. Matthews 227-575; A. Garcia 573; J. Blount 238-569; J. Guerra 563; J. Molina 556; R. Vivero 553; D. Blohm 550; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST (tie) THE HAMBONES and LUCKEY STRIKES Women: C. Speer 251-602; R. Martinez 225-592; J. Flores 560; O. Jackson 546; S. Guinn 534; D. Drake 529; C. Lee 510;

Men: T.J. Mooney 231-663; K. Stacy 245-654; M. Michalec 225-648; D. Matthews 245-641; M. Stacy 640; R. Gon zales 247-626; J. Silgero 239-610; B. Mowles 607; J. Henneke 228-606; M. Unger 601; T. Bennett 598; S. Kocian 224-598; C. Aiken 597; R. Fissler 593; J. Talbott 592; L. Hall 244-592; J. Wittenburg 588; M. Ro driguez 231-581; S. Schmitt 581; P. Smith 579; S. Zeplin 578; R. Mason 569; D. Flores 565; G. Hatter Jr. 564; R. Vivero 228-563; B. Jackson 559; J. Blount 227-559; H. Tesch 556; J. Tweedle 553; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: N. Wallace 461; DOW MIXED 1ST ALLEY CATS Men: J. Molina 630; K. Rosales 228-611; T. Corneli son 233-561; SUNDOWNERS 1ST SOFA KING BED Women: M. Bonuz 236-646; L. Heil 222-609; J. Thomas 213-583; S. Whar ton 214-562; S. Simper 210-542; T. Garcia 539; N. Mergele 517; Men: D. Reissig 277-744; B. Hammack 265-687; C. Bigham 241-643; R. Kalmus 624; M. Osterson 242-623; M. McDonald 231-620; J. Cass 619; C. Hammack 224-604; S. Gritta 602; J. Holbert 242-598; M. Unger 597; T.J. Mooney 593; D. Marques 231-591; D. Mergele 233-591; A. Flores 588; E. Smith 588; S. Miller 269-580; B. Marques 572; J. Silgero 572; G. Hatter Jr. 572; T. Bennett 571; G. Mason 569; J. Glass 567; V. Thomas 561; T. Pfuhl 561; A. Hempel 560; J. Cass 227; PINBUSTERS 1ST TEAM 4 Women: M. Ballard 176-449.



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