Life At Its Best: Trust God, realize your potential

By Jim Graff
March 21, 2014 at midnight
Updated March 20, 2014 at 10:21 p.m.

I love watching great leaders. They're skilled at seeing potential in people and situations. They're not intimidated by challenging circumstances. They're confident they have the knowledge and expertise necessary to resolve problems and help others succeed.

When it comes to making things look good, my wife possesses these characteristics. I realized this shortly after we got married. Before I met her, I didn't think much about what I wore.

Anything that was stench-free and weather appropriate was a worthy option for me, but her standards were higher. She envisioned what I could look like if I followed her fashion expertise, and she went to work making it a reality.

My old clothes slowly disappeared. I found myself in more malls and fitting rooms than I could count. My closet filled up with colors and patterns I didn't know existed.

After a few months of following her fashion advice, it was evident she knew what she was doing. Random people began giving me compliments. Even my old college friends - after a few jokes - admitted the change was an improvement.

My wife had succeeded. Her vision and ability, coupled with my cooperation, allowed me to experience a much-needed positive change.

The Holy Spirit works in the same way. He sees potential in every one of us, just as my wife saw in me. He's not intimidated by our weaknesses or situations.

He doesn't see the mess we often see when looking at our circumstances. Instead, He envisions how great our life can be if we'll cooperate with Him.

John 16:13-14 tells us, "When He, the Spirit of Truth comes, He'll guide you into all Truth." The Holy Spirit sees and wants to reveal the truth of what our lives can be. However, in order to experience it, we must learn to follow Him.

Doing that begins with recognizing that He is a person. He's not some magical, mystical thing. He's a person sent to every one of us to be a helper and guide. We must discover who He is in order to experience what He can do in our lives.

We do that by studying what God has written about Him in His word. Scripture tells us He is to be our leader, protector, gift giver, comforter and counselor. There is so much available to us through Him, but in order to receive it, we must learn about and embrace Him as a person.

Then, we must respect His presence. John 16:14 says, "He'll bring me glory by telling you whatever he receives from me." The Holy Spirit will direct us according to insight God's given Him. He'll speak to us about situations and decisions in our lives. When He does, we must be sensitive to listen and faithful to respond.

Following the Holy Spirit always leads to blessing and fulfillment. Thankfully, His guidance is available to every one of us. Let's choose to follow Him well by discovering His person and respecting His presence. There's a better life waiting.

Jim Graff is the Senior Pastor of Faith Family Church in Victoria. Visit



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