Advocate Editorial Board opinion: Homes tour tells stories from Victoria's past

By the Advocate Editorial Board
March 31, 2014 at 5:01 p.m.
Updated March 30, 2014 at 10:31 p.m.

The Crossroads is a great place for people who love to explore history. Our area is full of such gems as Spanish missions, famous battle locations from the Texas Revolution, museums looking at different aspects of our state's and area's history and more.

Some of Victoria's best historical assets are its homes, some of which were built more than 100 years ago and are still standing and occupied today. Thanks to the efforts of the Victoria Preservation Inc., people from all around will have the chance to explore and learn about these homes and the people from Victoria's history who built them.

On April 5 and 6, five homes will be showcased with guided tours - the Robert Lewis Dabney House and C.F. Schneider Cottage, and the Dr. F.B. Shield, J.V. Vandenberge and Dold-Brummett homes. In addition to offering an educational look at Victoria's past and some of the people and families who helped shape our community, the event is also a major fundraiser for VPI every year. We encourage anyone who is interested in history and the stories of the past to come out and take part in this inspiring event. Our historic homes and structures are important resources that should be preserved, and we hope VPI will continue to receive the support it needs to continue its work of protecting and showcasing these treasures.

We applaud everyone who is taking part in this year's home tour. Thank you to the leadership and members of VPI for putting together this event to continue educating the public for the 27th year. We are especially grateful to the current owners of the historic homes being showcased in these annual events. Thank you for opening your homes to others as part of this event. But more importantly, thank you for making the decision to purchase and invest in the preservation of a piece of Victoria's history. Your efforts are appreciated, and we hope these homes will be around for generations to come.

Unfortunately, some of Victoria's historic structures have not been so fortunate. Earlier this year, the McCabe building, a structure that was part of Victoria's community for more than 100 years, was torn down. Fortunately, the Zahn House, another historic building that faced destruction, was purchased and relocated to a property a few blocks away. It will be restored and turned into a guest house. Perhaps in future years, residents will be able to visit the Zahn House on one of these tours.

Tickets for the weekend tour cost $15 and are available at several locations, including Devereux Gardens, 1313 N. Navarro St.; Rogers Pharmacy, 4402 N. Laurent St.; Shop the World, 6902 N. Navarro St.; the Nave Museum, 306 W. Commercial St.; and the VPI office, 205 W. Goodwin St. For $55, attendees can also attend a gala Thursday night that includes an auction and a Twilight Tour as well as tickets to the weekend homes tour.

Anyone interested in history should take advantage of this opportunity to see some of the enduring treasures of Victoria. These homes are some of the building blocks of our community. When we learn about them, we learn about part of what made Victoria the city it is today.

This editorial reflects the views of the Victoria Advocate's editorial board.



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