Victoria could create its own River Walk

May 4, 2014 at 12:04 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Should Victoria have a master plan for future growth? I often see Victoria businesses struggling and believe things could be a lot better if we had a definite plan for the future.

Some cities are booming; for example, in New Braunfels, all the stores are full - but of course, they have the Guadalupe River. Have you ever seen the Guadalupe in Seguin? It is full from bank to bank because of their dam. Nice homes are on both sides of the river, and lots of boat fun is available on the river. We could have our own river parade.

Before the Hoover Dam was built in Nevada, the Colorado River would flood and destroy California. Now that it is controlled, it is a great blessing.

The Guadalupe River floods that have often devastated Victoria could be controlled with a major dam placed at the end of Constitution Street. A highway across it would allow developers to build a sub-division with boat canals. The big, new river would be a blessing.

San Antonio has their famous River Walk. Victoria's River Walk would be created by digging a new bed from just below the Rose Garden, following the existing creeks and entering back into the river on the South End of Constitution Street. Once built, the diverted second river would flow naturally through Victoria's own River Walk. This would tie in beautifully with the current downtown area.

Hotels, restaurants and many businesses would soon spread.

Riverside Park could once again have a train that went across the river to the unused land the park already owns. It would carry visitors from the Rose Garden area to the River Walk, stopping at the zoo and downtown.

Boats could carry tourists from the River Walk and even over to the new homes being built on the canals. All of this can be accomplished with proper planning, but first we have to have an economic planning commission approve it and work toward this accomplishment.

William Paul Tasin, Victoria



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