Voters need to remember water, sewer issue

May 5, 2014 at 12:05 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Marshall Bradford and the Victoria Advocate stepped up to the plate to let the public know about the problems in Port O'Connor with the Municipal Utility District overstepping its bounds.

The MUD has arbitrarily invoked a higher monthly billing after the recent bond elections were voted down. My minimum bill for water, sewer and trash pickup was $80.78 before the bond election and $141.69 a month or so afterward. I believe this increase was in retaliation to our voting down the unwarranted bonds.

Should there be a need for mandatory upgrades to our water system as mandated by state or federal regulation, I would support it. I believe our current water system is adequate at the present time, and if there are new state or federal mandates, our current system should be grandfathered until such time as we have the funds to initiate a change to the system.

It was stated in a recent meeting that we were nearing the maximum number of water taps allowed on the current system. So be it. Let's live within our means. As revenue increases, allow more taps to be added, but don't make me pay for projected growth. Let the people coming onto the system pay their fair share; we did.

Property owners in Port O'Connor, take notice of what is taking place. Vote and be involved with what is happening in your community.

Jim Washek, retired business owner, Port O'Connor



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