Straight Teeth Talk: Find a dentist that stands behind his or her work

By Mac Lee
May 6, 2014 at 12:06 a.m.



This patient wanted her story told. Fifteen years ago, she had all of her teeth removed, and an immediate healing denture was placed.

She went to the most economical dentist possible because she had no money. This particular dentist only charged what the insurance company would pay so she virtually got them for free.

She really didn't like the way they looked but simply thought it would get better and/or that she would get used to them.

The next week, she went back to her dentist to get an adjustment. The dentists was gone for a while, and when he returned and put the denture back in, things seemed to have changed. When she commented on it, the dentist reminded her that it was basically free. Then, he told her as of that moment, he was retired and no longer in business.

So there she was with a denture that she didn't like, and no one to stand behind it or her.

Her life began to change because of the way she thought of the dentures. She didn't smile, didn't look people in the eyes and if she did smile, she put her hand over her mouth. Any kind of photos were simply out of the question. No smiling, no photos.

Too much gum was off color, and the color of the teeth were very dark. The teeth did not fit her mouth or face. The back left teeth were sunken in and angled instead of straight.

Well-made dentures look natural. It replaces one-third of the face, the gums look natural, the teeth sit in the right place and everything is natural and beautiful.

After all these years, she finally had a good income and wanted to change her life.

What she wants the reader to know is that teeth are incredibly important to everyday life. Modern dentistry has changed, and if you look hard enough and do some research, you can find a dentist who will stand behind you, stand behind his or her work and do what you expect as to a final outcome.

Dentistry is an extremely rewarding profession when you can dramatically change someone's life for the better.

Dr. Mac Lee practices in Edna. He is an international speaker to dentists and is an adviser to Dr. Mehmet Oz. To learn more, visit or call 361-782-7191.



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