Oceans For Emotions: A true friend

By Elaine Wheat
May 9, 2014 at 12:09 a.m.

Elaine Wheat

Elaine Wheat

"A friend loveth at all times..." - Proverbs 17:17

One night, a couple of us were fishing on a slightly lighted pier in Rockport.

The fish were only biting right under the lights, and I had just landed a really nice speckled trout.

I told my friend to hold my fish, and I would run back to where I had been fishing to get my stringer. I said loudly, "Don't you lose my fish."

My friend answered, "I am a better friend and fisherman than that. Just hurry and bring the stringer."

When I got to my stringer that I had carefully tied to the pier, I saw that it had worked itself into a mass of tangles. I had to lean over the second railing to start getting out the tangles.

A man that had been fishing out there with us said, "Your friend is laying out there on the pier on her stomach, and she is saying something like 'help me, Lord.'"

I threw down everything I had and started running to see what was wrong with my stricken friend.

As I got down there where she was, I knelt beside her and asked with great concern, "What's wrong with you?"

She screamed, "Hurry and give me your stringer. I am laying on my stomach on your fish so I won't lose it. It keeps flopping all around."

I tried to hand her the stringer as she kept shaking her head and holding the very large trout. Finally, I put the trout on the stringer myself, and she finally arose to a cheering crowd of people.

Several fishermen hugged my slimy fishing friend and congratulated her for a job well done.

Dear Lord, help us to remember events like this when we think life is too rough to go on. With your help, we can make it. And, Lord, thank you for the very best speckled trout I have ever cooked.

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