Life At Its Best: Realize your full potential

By Jim Graff
May 9, 2014 at 12:09 a.m.

Jim Graff

Jim Graff

I love car shopping. No matter how many times I look, I always seem to be drawn to the one with the fanciest buttons and most gadgets possible. After all, the more gadgets, the better the car, right? Well, not exactly.

Though they do give you more opportunities for enjoyment, they also create more opportunities for repair when something doesn't go right.

One major problem that can occur is when a car fails to operate on all cylinders. I don't know too much about the mechanics of cars, so I recently did some research on this.

I discovered that the cylinder uses a four-step process to create a specific mixture of fuel and air. When one process malfunctions, the entire cylinder shuts down.

This creates a problem because a car's power is highly dependent on each cylinder working effectively. So when one's not working correctly, the car can't move forward with enough power.

This is a perfect parallel to how God's love works. Just as a car moves at full force when every cylinder is working, we move into God's best when every aspect of His love is fully operating in our lives. The apostle Paul referred to these four components of Christ's love in Ephesians 3:18 when he prayed that we'd know the "width, length, depth and height" of it.

It's only when we understand and accept the fullness of His love that His power is fully unleashed in our lives.

The wideness of his love signifies His ability to fulfill every promise in His word. We often become convinced that our family, marriage, finances or career is beyond repair. It's in those times that we must remind ourselves that His wide love is capable of restoring every broken area, if we'll submit it to Him.

The length of his love symbolizes that He'll stick with us through every failure. Most of us are used to a love that gives up or walks out when we fail to meet expectations. It's given or removed based on our performance. But that's not how Gods love works. The Bible promises that God's love never fails. He'll never give up or walk out. To Him, we're always enough.

However, that doesn't mean He won't ask us to make changes. That's what the depth of His love stands for. This love isn't always easy to receive. It requires sacrificing our own ways for His. It's never fun in the moment, but down the road, it always brings us to His best.

The final piece of God's love is the height. This is His favor, which can take us places that ability alone can't. He knows how to get us where we need to be if we'll trust Him, responding in obedience to the steps He asks us to take, even when it doesn't make sense. When we do, His love will carry us far beyond what we could imagine.

Is God's love at full capacity in your life? I encourage you to receive His love completely. Start moving into better life today.

Jim Graff is the senior pastor of Faith Family Church in Victoria. Visit



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