Mom's top 5 hypocritical parenting moments

May 10, 2014 at 12:10 a.m.

Ashley Ramirez

Ashley Ramirez

Every mother, at one time or another, has experienced that moment. The moment you find yourself doing something and realizing after the fact that you said you would never, ever do that. I do this every day. Some things are ridiculous, and some make me realize that I must have driven my parents insane. So here are my top five hypocritical moments since becoming a parent. I am sure you can relate to at least one of these.

5. The sun shade.

I am sure everyone has seen those sun shades suctioned onto the backdoor vehicle windows; I despise these things. Before being a mother, I would see parents driving with these hideous things attached to the windows. I would sit in my car and think: "How ugly. I would never put one of those things on my car window." It took my third child for me to finally break down and buy the sun shade that I despise so much. Every time I put my precious baby in the car, I cannot help but look at that sun shade and shake my head.

4. Dressing my girls alike, even though they are not twins.

Growing up, my grandparents always had my cousin and I dressed alike for events. You name it, and we were in matching outfits. I hated it. We were eight years apart, for crying out loud. My girls are six years apart, and I ordered them matching Easter baskets and dresses. On Valentine's Day, they wore matching outfits, too. I can't help it. They just look so darn cute when they are dressed alike. I will continue to have them match until my oldest starts complaining, and then, I will probably make her match her little sister anyway.

3. Disciplining in public.

How uncomfortable is it when a mother pops her kid in line at the grocery store? Very! Before having kids, I told myself I would stop what I was doing, head to the bathroom and discipline my child in there. With three kids, that is a little unrealistic, and I have found that unless I address what has happened at that exact moment, packing up and heading to the bathroom is pointless. I am not saying that a child being popped in public is right, but parents have all been there. We have reached our tolerance level of our kid(s) pushing the limit, and they get popped. Being a spectator to it may be uncomfortable, but sometimes, it is just necessary.

2. I said I would never be like my mother.

My mom was and still is a tough cookie. I am 29 years old and still scared of my mother. I fear her because I respect her. As an adult, I now know why she did things the way she did. Three kids later, and I can say I do things just like my mother.

1. I always said I could never be a stay-at-home mom.

I stayed home with my son and my first daughter until they were 3 months and a year old, and I want to stay home with my 2-month-old forever. My youngest is my last baby, and I want to be with her every minute. I have only left my baby with my husband once, and I thought I was going to have a panic attack the whole 10 minutes away. As I have gotten older, I have come to appreciate every second with my babies, because soon they will all be 9 years old, like my son, and tell me that they don't need me to walk them to class anymore. If you have the opportunity to stay at home with your little one, do it. Cherish every single second, even if it's just changing dirty diapers. Sooner or later, they will want to become independent, and it will break your heart and make you proud all at the same time.

Before you are a parent, you never realize all the things you say you will never do. Never say "I would never. ..." Don't do it because at one point, you will do it - whatever it may be. You won't realize you are doing it until after the fact, but it will happen. Afterward, you will think, "Crap, yeah, I said I would never do that." It is hard not to be judgmental before or even after becoming a parent.

Ashley Ramirez is a full-time student at University of Houston-Victoria, mother of three and horrible housewife. She enjoys reading sci-fi romance novels, shopping and good food.



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