Sugar and spice - and a 755 weekly high score

May 14, 2014 at 12:14 a.m.

T.J. Mooney was zeroed in during Sugar & Spice League competition to take the weekly scoring honors. He started the first game with an open frame but rolled eight strikes for a 243 start. He had a clean second game and rolled nine strikes for a 256 game. The third game, Mooney started with an open frame, but he followed with 10 strikes to end with another 256 game. The three-game total of 755 led the field by a large margin.

Two other bowlers broke the 700 mark this past week.

Teammates Steve Zeplin and Tom Crowe finished the Red River League season in great fashion. Zeplin rolled a 269-high game on his way to a 704 total and Crowe posted a 256 individual for a 701 set.

Other great scores for the men were Mike Osterson (257-689), Bobby Mowles (267-683), Randy Vivero (266-683), Abraham Flores (275-682), Steve Dickinson (257-674), Kenny Schupbach (673), Victor Thomas (258-668), Tony Williams (252-667), Chris Kurtz (256-667/651), Mike Stacy (662/278), Mark Svatek (660), Jerry Cano (659), Larry Stroud (658), Kevin Stacy (278), Miles Michalec (276), Pedro Alva (248) and Benson Shaffer (248).

Last week, Mike Stacy bowled games of 277 and 279 in his last two games of the Red River League. This week, he started the Red River League with a 278 game. If he could have combined the three, it would have given him an excellent 834 series.

Christine Speer excelled during Sugar & Spice competition with three good games to take the women's high score.

Speer rolled games of 221, 227 and 234 for a great 682 total.

Carri Lee with a 222-565, Rebekah Martinez with 565 and Trudy Wortham with 222-562 were other nice scores for the ladies.

The Victoria USBC Scholarship forms are available at the Century Lanes counter or can be downloaded from The deadline for submitting the completed form is July 5.

It is with regret that I make note of another former league bowler having passed away.

Cecil Lastinger was a former mixed league bowler at the Woodlawn Bowling Center.

My condolence and sympathy to the family.

The Texas State Open Tournament will not have competitions because of the state delegate meeting in San Antonio next weekend.

The latest update on the Texas Open current standings show that some local bowlers are still in the top 25 of the prize list.

Heading the list is Daryl Sedlacek. He is leading the Div. 5 singles event with a score of 794 and is in 18th place in all events with a score of 2,126. He is also on a team that is in 13th place in Div 3.

Jacob Silgero currently is ninth in Div. 3 all events with a score of 2,179 and 20th in singles with a 759. He is also on a 13th-place team.

Danny Reissig and Steve Dickinson are tied for 12th place in Div. 2 doubles with a score of 1,444.

Tom Crowe is in 20th place in Div. 2 all events with a score of 2,090.

Three local teams are also in the top 25. They are Div 1 (scratch) "Matthew's Team" with 3,236, Div. 2 "Just A Matter of Time," 13th with a score of 3,309, and "Randy's Raiders," 21st with a score of 3,260.

The Texas State Open will run through June 8. When the final prize list is posted, I will post all the local area winners.

Good luck to other local bowlers who are still going to compete. Both houses have a good scoring condition; it is a matter of finding the right line and being consistent.

I scored a nice 1,915 all events scratch and 2,044 with handicap but am still way down on the list.

RED RIVER League Champions, RANDY'S RAIDERS with members Abel Garcia, Randy Vivero, Darren Blohm, Kenny Schupbach, Dandy Richards, and John Figueroa. Men: S. Zeplin 269-704; T. Crowe 256-701; A. Flores 275-682; K. Schupbach 228-682; T. Williams 252-667; C. Kurtz 234-651; M. Stacy 278-646; M. Osterson 238-639; J. Wittenburg 247-637; M. Michalec 276-634; P. Alva 248-614; C. Hoff 236-612; J. Tweedle 599; J. Matson 591; L. Stroud 225-581; T. Rutherford 241-576; M. Gschwind 574; T. Bennett 573; T. Pfuhl 567; H. Tesch 558; A. Garcia 558; D. Matthews 552; R. Vivero 551; R. Kalmus 550; J. Guerra 229; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST THE HAMBONES Women: C. Speer 234-682; R. Martinez 565; C. Lee 222-565; T. Worthm 222-562; O. Jackson 552; S. Guinn 55; D. Drake 524; B. Koebrick 209-510; Men: T.J. Mooney 256-755; M. Osterson 257-689; B. Mowles 267-683; R. Vivero 266-683; S. Dickinson 257-674; V. Tjhomas 258-668; C. Kurtz 256-667; M. Stacy 228-662; M. Svatek 225-660; J. Cano 246-659; L. Stroud 224-658; W. Reyna 235-645; K. Stacy 278-640; S. Zeplin 632; R. Mott 225-629; R. Ellis 232-628; M. Wortham 625; J. Silgero 616;B. Shaffer 248-615; R. Gonzales 231-607; M. Rodriguez 224-606; L. Hall 227-602; J. Wittenburg 237-600; R. Mason 227-597; W. Lorance 229-596; D. Matthews 595; H. Johnson 593; R. Marek 228-592; S. Sow 585; J. Martinez 582; M. Mathieu 582; V. Ybarbo 576; P. Smith 237-575; J. Tweedled 574; M. Unger 235-566; J. Parratt 562; M. Hernandez 562; T. Bennett 561; D. Flores 556; DOW MIXED 1ST ALLEY CATS Women: E. Fuhrman 495; Men: J. Molina 233-634; J. Rhymer 623; M. Gschwind 590' T. Cornelison 238-577; B. Cotton 577; L. Fuhrman 224-568; CAPTAIN'S LEAGUE 1ST ALLEY CATS Women: N. Wallace 487;



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