Climate change scare is man-made

May 15, 2014 at 12:15 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

In an editorial of the May 13 Advocate, it was stated that I-69 was coming whether property owners want it or not and that they should work with TXDoT for the best outcome.

Did you know that the affected property owners were not notified by mail that a decision to put in a one-way frontage road was going to be made in the year 2012?

Did you know that the first time the property owners became aware that the frontage roads were going to be one way was about six weeks ago?

Did you know that the affected owners assumed that, since the frontage roads east of Loop 463 are two way, these would be too?

Did you know that a business cannot trade with a neighbor two doors away without traveling seven miles around the 3.4-mile-long corridor?

Do you know the value of these affected businesses and the amount of local property taxes paid? Have you talked with them about their lack of input on this decision?

Do you know the statistics on which type of frontage road is the safest and by how much?

Do you know how many vehicles are projected to travel on these frontage roads?

Do you want to use I-69 to attract new businesses to Victoria to the detriment of existing businesses along Highway 59?

Did you know there are many two-way frontage roads along interstates in Texas?

Did you know that funds for the needed overpass would have to come from the next session of the legislature, making completion at least three years off?

Do you know the amount of sales tax that will be lost because of the inconvenience to truckers stopping for fuel or service?

These are some of the questions you can address if you choose to visit this matter again.

John Crews, Victoria



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