Climate change scare is man-made

May 15, 2014 at 12:15 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Christopher Keating is absolutely right - climate change is occurring. The climate is always changing.

In the '70s, they were worried about an ice age coming soon - man-made, of course.

Then when those statistics did not pan out, it became global warming - man-made, of course.

Now it is "climate change."

Did we not learn in elementary school about the dinosaurs? Did man cause their extinction?

How about the ice age, when most of North America was under ice. Did humans cause that to occur?

An acquaintance of mine in Fayette County was telling me just yesterday about his digging of a water well and his discovery of different layers as he dug. There was volcanic ash around 10 feet. Other layers revealed different ages of the Earth's change.

Did man make volcanoes and earthquakes? Can 97 percent of "peer reviewed" scientific studies show man-made climate change? I do know that several scientists in the U.S. and Britain were recently revealed as fudging statistics to justify their political agenda, and of course, their government funding.

As to Mr. Keating's $10,000 bet that climate change is occurring (yes climate does constantly, gradually change) and that it is man-made, I have a bet for him. I say the big toe on my right foot is the prettiest toe in the whole world (99 percent of my peers agree).

I will compare it to anyone who would like to challenge me on that.

Of course, I get to be the judge as to who the winner is.

Roy Erwin, Shiner



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