Beetles invade Crossroads, but this too shall pass (w/video)

May 18, 2014 at 12:18 a.m.

Several beetles float in a tub of water left out in an Inez yard May 13.

Several beetles float in a tub of water left out in an Inez yard May 13.

Some Crossroads neighborhoods are being invaded by beetles - and not ones named Paul, John, George or Ringo.

Andrea Stehle first noticed the bugs several days ago climbing the walls of her house and on her porch in Inez.

"It's insane. At night, they're all over the place," Stehle said. "You go to let in the dogs, and 30 of them are coming in at you."

She lives on Benbow Road, just off Farm-to-Market Road 444. She said other homes on her street are also having the problem.

Stehle said, at night, the entire roadway on the farm road around the area is covered by beetles, and she hears them on the window as she lies in bed reading.

"It's rather disturbing at night," Stehle said. "You can hear them crawling on the window screen."

Peter McGuill, Victoria County extension agent, said beetles and other bugs are more intense some years than others, but their appearance is a seasonal thing.

Bugmobiles owner Jim Kienig said the beetles are likely a breed of ground beetles that don't do any harm.

"They're more of a nuisance than anything," Kienig said.

McGuill said weather patterns have the biggest effect on the number of bugs.

Kienig agreed.

The beetles would likely live a couple of weeks, and the hot weather will kill them, he added.

If the bugs are enough of a nuisance, Kienig said, any kind of pesticide would kill them. He also suggested cutting down outside lighting and sweeping away leaves from any places the beetles could hide.



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