Letter to the editor: Goliad commissioners create more questions than answers

May 18, 2014 at 12:18 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Recently, I attended Goliad Commissioners Court early to get a seat. Few were there. Others came; friends sat near me. Court filled. Throughout the day and night, the closed session lingered. Friends and neighbors visited, speculated and pondered. Mostly, I listened. Occasionally, I stated I had no opinion, was concerned and hoped to get insight into the dilemma. Controversy seemed to be about and between two respected people; some thought political wheeling-dealing was amok.

Day (oops - night) ended. No action regarding current EMS director. Then, strangely, we had a new EMS physician. Perplexingly and quickly a new EMS physician had been presented. How could it have been known they would need one? How could they already have had a name?

Nothing was offered about this unknown. Bewilderment grew. How did they find her so quickly? Questions bubbled. Later, I learned she had called us - we didn't call her. How did she know? Curious. Next day, I called the judicial office. Busy staff - couldn't provide information. I began searching. I ran into roadblocks.

The information void prompted questions at the next commissioners court. "Is the new physician functioning under a verbal agreement or a contract?"

"What will be cost regarding malpractice insurance and her 'volunteer' time rate?"

Effect: The judge summoned me to the hall by the point and crook of his index finger, stating, "You! I want to talk to you." I accepted his inappropriate invitation. Explanation created more questions. Still don't know - contract or verbal agreement?

Actions: Talked to local physician, EMS director, judge, commissioners, county ad hoc person, EMS Licensing Bureau, new physician and (those who would and could respond) the Fire/EMS organizations the new physician stated she serves.

Looked at EMS supervision requirements and new physician's website, medical license and resume.

Opinion: The new physician is intelligent, qualified, verbal, very busy. I still don't understand the resume "oversights" and misguiding website. I never set out to question the physician's skill, but the more I learned, the more dissatisfied I became with the court's process. I firmly state the process whereby we now have a new physician was rushed, not duly vetted and unwisely handled.

Carol Norrell, Weesatche



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