Children should learn about all religions

May 22, 2014 at 12:22 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Subjecting our children to the Bible? Thank goodness we have newspapers that report such outlandish things.

In studying the formation of various religions, I found the following:

Judaism: God is portrayed as the one and ever-present creator, who daily renews and sustains the world.

Quaran: Muhammad, founder of Islam. Muhammad's spiritual life was based on God's goodness and one's obligation for that goodness. Human response to these actions of God should ideally be a sense of gratitude and humility, a recognition of the position of being a creature with respect to the creator and benefactor. Humans also have obligations to other people and God's creatures.

Hindu: Aims of life: Right conduct and spiritual liberation.

Buddha: Gautama. The ethical goal of Gautama was friendliness and compassion toward all living beings, and it was these two attitudes that permeated the eight-fold path, ie. moral conduct, mental discipline, intuitive wisdom.

If I understand current Constitutional law, my great grandchildren will never be subject to reading such stuff.

Christianity: Jesus the Savior. This was developed 2,000 years ago when a group of Jews gathered around a rabbi, Jesus of Nazareth, witnessing his execution and rise from the dead.

This and only this is taught our Christian children. Not the fact that there are others around the world who believe in God, just in a different way.

We are aware every day of how denominational religion is affecting people around the world. Such strife, such massacres.

I believe maybe a free public table in a public place with all denominational information should be made available. We know in some nations parents raise their children to believe they are allowed to destroy others and themselves just for the sake of religion.

Hopefully, we will never regress to that state.

Robert Patrick, Inez



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