Years ago for Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 22, 2014 at 12:22 a.m.


May 25 - There are 1,519 farms in this county, and 1,011 of them are either mortgaged or operated by tenants while 508 are entirely owned by the farmers who operate them. There are 5,000 people in this county directly dependent on the tenant farmers and mortgaged farm home owners for a living. There are 600 tenant farmers, and 98 of them pay cash rentals; the remainder operate on a share basis.

May 27 - Yesterday afternoon, while a party of Victorians were out in a motor boat on the Guadalupe River, they discovered the Vallentine Taylor family marooned in its home about 4 miles south of the city. The river is on one side of the house, and a body of water about a mile wide is on the other. Mr. Taylor told the party that they had been cut off for several days and that food supplies were getting short. The party, having some provisions with them, gladly gave them to the family and, returning to town, took out some more.


May 26 - The ever-increasing traffic hazard occasioned by the fact that three streets meet at one intersection prompted the City Council to discuss the possibility of placing traffic lights at the Rio Grande-Moody-North streets intersection.


May 28 - The final figure in the proposed VISD budget was $4,148,772, representing an increase of about $230,000 for the school year. Normal increase in school district assessed valuation is expected to cover the increase, however, so that there will be no increase in the district tax rate.

May 29 - Crowds were stopped near the south entrance of the World's Fair in New York City Thursday morning by the voices of Victoria College's Singing Corraliers. The select choral group was making its first appearance on the steps of the Texas Pavilion.

May 30 - Harry Maddin, a veteran of Trail of Six Flags theatre both on stage and off, formally assumed the presidency of the organization at the annual meeting Thursday night. Returned to the board as vice president for production was Mrs. James Warner. Other new officers are Dr. Byron Griffin, vice president for operations, and B.E. Leissner Jr., vice president for membership.


May 31 - "The guns of World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam are still ... as we honor the men and women who marched before us on the path to freedom."

So said Col. Charles H. Schrader, U.S. Army, retired, speaker for Tuesday's traditional Memorial Day service at DeLeon Plaza sponsored by the Victoria County Veterans Council.

"Today's military still exhibits the same spirit as those honored here today," said Schrader, who served in World War II and the Korean War. "Our flag is no simple piece of cloth. It represents a commitment to freedom."

Under spreading shade trees, a crowd of about 100 gathered to solemnly remember their comrades in arms and loved ones who in wars gone by spilled blood on foreign soil in the name of peace.

Scattered clouds brushed across a blue sky, and gentle breezes fluttered flags raised to half-staff as a tribute to the memory of American fighting men and women who gave their all as they marched freedom's path.

The Rev. Wolfgang Mims reminded the audience that "though they left us in pain, their death was not in vain."



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