Victoria College turned questions into direction

May 27, 2014 at 12:27 a.m.

Hannah Jaschke

Hannah Jaschke

The Victoria Advocate will be publishing student essays from the Victoria College "What's Your Story?" scholarship competition during the next few weeks. Students were asked to write an essay answering the question, "How has Victoria College changed your life?" The following essay was written by one of the winners of the contest, who will receive a $1,000 scholarship funded by the Victoria College Foundation. We welcome letters and columns from all students.

When I think about my personal story, I feel like I am not much different than many other students at Victoria College. I had a basic high school career in which I was involved in sports and did well in my courses - but not well enough to be a standout student. For me, college was the next logical step. It felt as though I was going through many of the motions that people face these days after high school. "What next?" and "What am I going to do with my life?" are common questions that came to my mind those days after graduation.

When thinking back to those times, I realize how much Victoria College brings more direction to my life. This direction has not only put me on a path for a successful career but has also guided me to become a better person in the community.

I was told my whole life by high school teachers and family that I should go to college. The reasons they gave me were basic - better job and career. This made logical sense to me, but there was something missing. In high school, I felt that I didn't have an option to complete school. However, with college, it was now "my life" - my decisions - and that scared me. It is very tough for teenagers to make life decisions after high school, but I believe VC helped guide me in this process. The advisers at VC helped me realize that I don't have to make life-changing decisions my first few years at school, and my time will not be wasted while deciding on my future degree. I am realizing now while in college, the careers that I might be good at and, more importantly, the ones I will enjoy.

One of the smartest decisions I made when coming to VC was to get involved. I attended student activity events and became a member of the volleyball team. These connections I made outside of classwork totally helped me stay on track with college. If I am having difficulties with assignments or projects, the student connections I have made are there to help me out. It is also such a relief when I can talk to a fellow student who has - and is - experiencing the same difficulties that I am facing. It makes me feel that I am not alone.

I have also had the opportunities to volunteer in the community as a part of the volleyball team and student activities. This has also given me direction to my life after college. I believe now that being part of the community by providing service to others and being a strong role model will not only fulfill my life but also those around me.

Direction is something I needed fresh out of high school. Victoria College helped me become an adult and make decisions on my own without me realizing it at the time. I see a bright future for myself now and a path set in front of me, thanks to the college and connections I have made. My VC story, like many others, starts with questions and turns into direction.

Hannah Jaschke is a Victoria College student and a winner of the 2014-15 "What's Your Story?" Scholarship. She is a graduate of Victoria East High School.



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