Woman opens Life Balance Natural Health Clinic to help people heal (w/video)

Jessica  Rodrigo By Jessica Rodrigo

May 31, 2014 at 12:31 a.m.

Ronda Allen, 53, does muscle testing on Mark Carroll, 49, of Victoria, at  Life Balance Natural Health Clinic in Victoria.

Ronda Allen, 53, does muscle testing on Mark Carroll, 49, of Victoria, at Life Balance Natural Health Clinic in Victoria.

The Crossroads now has a chance to get a little bit healthier.

No, there isn't a Whole Foods on the way, but there is a new alternative health clinic on the block.

Ronda Allen opened Life Balance Natural Health Clinic in Victoria in April to offer people a safe way to better their health.

"It's about improving the quality of life without drugs and medication," she said. "It's all about balance and nutrition."

She's been practicing as an applied certified nutritionist since 2007 and is now sharing her knowledge of whole food supplements and essential oils through her clinic.

It's the business of helping people correctly heal the body, she said.

After doing a nutritional response test - or muscle test - with an individual, she is able to determine what the body is missing and can make a recommendation for a whole food supplement that would balance the body's natural chemistry. The test takes about 15 minutes and is noninvasive, Allen said.

"It's safe for all ages, children, adults and elderly," she said.

She doesn't treat or diagnose anything and does not make claims of curing problems, she said. Allen said her goal is to support the body in finding what it needs to prevent deficiencies that lead to problems down the road.

The practice of natural methods and healthy diets are becoming more popular, she said. People are wanting to eat healthier and practice healthier treatment for illnesses or sickness, and it shows, she said.

Many of her clients combine the use of whole food supplements with essential oils and organic food in their everyday life, she said.

Kelly Petras, 38, of Gonzales, brings her three children to Allen for testing to make sure they are strong and healthy. She's been taking whole food supplements for almost seven years and said she was raised on natural food and holistic practices.

"We try continue to let our bodies heal as much as possible," she said.

She brought in her three kids for a wellness checkup now that school is out. It's time to catch up, she said, and get back on track since they've been in school.

Because they live in Gonzales, she said, it is easy for her to travel to San Marcos, but the trip to Allen's clinic is worth the drive.

"We try to come as much as possible," Petras said.

Mark Carroll, 49, of Victoria, started seeing Allen more than two years ago when repeated visits to different ear, nose and throat doctors couldn't help him feel better.

"You don't know how bad you feel until you feel better," Carroll said. "It becomes normal to you. I didn't really know I felt bad before."

His wife, Kelly, 42, said she started the transition to a healthier lifestyle about three years ago. She said she feels a lot healthier now than she did before.

The Carrolls use essential oils and also try to eat as much organic food at home as they can within reason. With two boys, she said it can be hard to buy organic all the time.

"We try real hard to buy organic, especially in fruits and vegetables," Kelly Carroll said. It can be expensive, she said, so there are things they will go without.

Kristi Sager, 42, first brought her 7-year-old son, Tristan, to the Life Balance Natural Health Clinic about three months ago after seeing an allergist.

She said Allen was able to recommend different whole foods supplements to combat the problems the allergists identified as well as finding things other doctors didn't find at all.

After incorporating whole food supplements, essential oils and organic food into her family's routine, she said they've been visiting the doctors and the allergist less often.

Although the organic food and supplements might initially cost more, she has no regrets about the change.

"The difference is like night and day," Sager said.

She shares Allen's line of thinking in her work as a massage therapist.

"There is a shift going on," Sager said. "People don't want to take medicine or have surgery for problems anymore."

Allen said the changes can be challenge for her clients and anyone who is looking for an alternative to getting healthy again.

"When you're looking at real health, you have to invest a little more of yourself in it, more time reading labels, but the exchange is awesome," she said. "People realize that the choices they make today will impact their life later."



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