Port O'Connor water fight is not over

Jan. 22, 2015 at 3:54 p.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

There are dollars in the trees in Port O'Connor.

Or that is what I think certain board of directors believe. I hope that you have heard the news that Teddy Hawes, Tom Ekstrom and Doyle Adams recently voted not to approve a settlement proposal submitted to the board of directors of the Port O'Connor Improvement District by myself, regarding our petition contesting the water and sewer rates established by the board of directors.

Let me tell you, the whole truth to this story. This past December, I was in Austin at a hearing being conducted by the Texas Public Utility Commission regarding a similar petition that I filed.

During the hearing, the administrative law judge informed the parties that attorney fees and related cost of rate hearings could well exceed $200,000.

As you may know, I am representing the rate payers of Port O'Connor on a petition contesting the water and sewer rate increase of 2014, which our petition is in the process of being heard by the PUC.

After our November 2014 elections, I was voted in as a director of our water and sewer district, and now, here is the dilemma. I am a director of the district and the representative of the rate payers fight against the board of directors.

My dilemma came to an end. Doing right was the answer. So, I formally presented to the board of directors a settlement proposal in an attempt to save the rate payers $200,000!

Teddy Hawes, Tom Ekstrom and Doyle Adams said no to the proposal. Marshall Bradford and I voted yes. The fight is not over.

Port O'Connor, in 2016, you once again will have a vote. Let's do the right thing!

Leon Brown, Port O'Connor



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