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Selecting a quality jewelry repair specialist

July 7, 2015 at midnight

The high-end jewelry market isn’t just buying and selling gold and diamonds like some commercials would like you to believe. The sale is just one part of the relationship between customer and jeweler, a fleeting moment that can be looked at as the start of a long-lasting friendship. A lot happens behind the scenes of a luxury jewelry store to make sure that the relationships between customer and jeweler grow stronger with every encounter.

So what do most people look for when seeking the right jeweler to make a repair or adjustment? There are many different qualifications to look for when seeking out the right jeweler. From experience and passion to referrals and skill sets, there are many factors that go into deciding who is reliable enough to be trusted with something both precious and valuable. Jewelry repair is a far more complicated and specialized field than most people would ever imagine. The ideal jeweler has a thorough understanding of different metals and gemstones, requiring a patience and precision usually reserved for artists and surgeons.

Stores that carry high-end brands and create their own pieces are always more likely to work by a much higher set of standards, doing better work regardless of the task. From repurposing existing pieces to being masters of CAD design to create new works of great beauty, making sure you are going to the right place with the proper, experienced staff is of the utmost importance. Jewelers who design their own pieces truly understand the composition of each and every item. They have more knowledge in the area of design and are much more qualified to handle repairing a cherished item with huge sentimental value. The skillset ranges from creating masterpieces to taking care of timeless relics, an incredibly essential prerequisite when trusted with something of great value and importance from the past.

Heirloom jewelry that is passed down from family members across generations can be more significant than anything else, items that have irreplaceable stories and value. There are many people whose only material reminder of a past loved one or family member is a piece of jewelry. Bringing such an important reminder to someone without the proper skills is way too big of a risk and not recommended. These meaningful heirloom pieces require a love and respect that only the most experienced jeweler can deliver.

Diamond setting, custom jewelry design and engagement ring repair and design means that one of the most important days of a lifetime is around the corner. For those looking to purchase the perfect ring for the perfect partner, it is vital to make sure that the diamond is of the highest quality. The finest diamonds are American Gem Society (AGS) certified and those that aren’t can’t even come close in terms of clarity and composition. The American Gem Society is one of the most respected and preeminent jewelry trade organizations in the world.

Working with an AGS certified jeweler ensures the buyer is acquiring the best possible cut and clarity, a piece of the highest quality imaginable. The American Gem Society doesn’t work with just any jeweler; their high criteria to become certified leaves those associated with them the best of the best. When a customer brings an item to an AGS certified jeweler they know they can expect nothing but the finest attention to detail and expertise.

Finding the right person to repair jewelry should take careful consideration and should not be rushed. Do the research by asking around in order to seek out the right person to make the repair or adjustment. Jewelry repair is an incredibly complex and delicate process and should only be trusted with the right people. Knowing that an irreplaceable watch or piece of jewelry is in the right hands can let the owner breathe easy. The ideal candidate has a great deal of patience, experience, and most importantly, passion. Don't settle for anything less.



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