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To Catch a Cheat: 5 Epic Infidelity Fails

June 6, 2016 at midnight

Cheaters will always get caught - and usually in the most unexpected and unintentionally funny ways. So, learn from their infidelity mistakes. Here are five people who failed miserably at cheating.

Officially the Worst Christmas Ever

Twitter user @NessLovnTrey247 gave her unfaithful boyfriend a surprising Christmas gift. In a very creative public shaming, she gift-wrapped printed screenshots of his Twitter DMs to another woman. Then, she posted photos of her shocked boyfriend receiving his gift on social media with the hilarious caption: He thought he was getting his gifts, nah.

Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game

A pair of nosy sisters at a baseball game in Atlanta were paying attention to a different kind of player. They noticed that the woman sitting in front of them was sexting with a certain "Nancy" while her husband was sitting right beside her. So, they wrote the following message on a team roster sheet: "Your wife is cheating on you. Look at the messages under Nancy. It’s really a man named Mark Allen." The sisters slipped the note to the man after the game. He read it and supposedly gave them a thumbs up.

When Your Roommate is a Rat

An angry boyfriend hurried to his girlfriend's apartment with his camera ready to catch her with another man. The resulting video, which was uploaded online and viewed by 2 million people in three days, shows him storming into a bedroom to find the couple lying in bed and just chilling as he goes off on a rant. He didn't even need a professional private investigator to tip him off. His girlfriend's roommate was the one who ratted her out. And, that is exactly why you should always be nice to your roommates.

Greg, You Got Pranked

A sweet caller named Kim was very happily in love with her boyfriend Greg when she called 93.7 The Edge Radio. The show's host decided to prank call her boyfriend and told him that he won a dozen roses that he could send to anyone. When asked who to deliver the roses to, Greg quickly replied, "Yeah, my wife, Cindy." Kim was still on the line and could not believe what she just heard. Her silly boyfriend tried and failed to save himself by joking, "Haha, I'm kidding!" Sorry, Greg, but the joke's on you.

The Things a Man Will Do for Love

In 1974, former UK minister John Stonehouse was feared to have drowned while on a business trip to Miami Beach. His wife was understandably in grief, but not for long. Just a month later, he was discovered living under a false name in Australia with his mistress and ex-secretary Sheila Buckley. Stonehouse was convicted to seven years in prison for the business schemes he set up to finance his new life. Certainly, divorce would have been much easier.



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