100, 75, 50 and 25 years ago

Oct. 27, 2016 at midnight


Oct. 31 - The city has sold both pairs of its fire horses. The pair at the Hook and Ladder Station were sold to Kay Adler for $100, and the other pair was sold to Clarence Thomas for $100.

Nov. 4 - A movement for street paving has at last been launched in Victoria by the circulation of a petition among the taxpayers of the city. Twenty-five residents have signed it, and several of them own property within the main business district of the city and are among those most affected by the movement. A few of the heaviest property taxpayers have refused to sign the petition, but it is believed they will do so before the matter is presented to the council.


Nov. 1 - Cody Lentz must be the biggest hearted guy in town. Thursday at the Lions Club he invited every member of the club (some 80 people) to go goose hunting with him down on his place near Austwell Sunday at 6:42 a.m.

Nov. 5 - Owing to an insufficient number of applications being filed, the closing time for applications for assistant messengers at the Victoria air base is being extended to Nov. 13. The position consists of routine office work of light manual and mechanical tasks. The salary is $600 per year and up, and the jobs are open to young men between the ages of 18 and 25.


Oct. 30 - Five Victorians will attend the 13th annual convention of the San Antonio Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Nurses next Sunday in San Antonio. They are Miss Mary Sala, Mrs. Helen Kallus, Miss Charlotte Rowand, Mrs. June Crawford and Miss Mary Kucera.

Nov. 2 - That 700-pound turtle that's been living it up in the Victoria Country Club swimming pool for the past few days should be in its new home by now. The giant leatherback, one of the largest tropical sea turtles, was caught in a shrimp boat net and brought in at Port Lavaca last week. It was turned over to the South Texas Zoological Society, but officials had no adequate facilities in which to keep it. Well, the Country Club swimming pool has been closed since September, and what more logical place could there be? Tuesday, officials from the SeaArama in Galveston came in to pick up the turtle.

Nov. 3 - The temperature dipped to a frosty 32 degrees Wednesday morning, catching most Victorians by surprise and setting a record for the coldest Nov. 2 in the city's history.


Nov. 1 - Local highway patrol officers will soon be making their own home videos - but the stars won't be laughing when the tapes roll in court.

District Attorney George Filley III last week purchased dash-board-mounted video cameras and related equipment for the Department of Public Safety's three highway patrol cars in Victoria County.

Highway Patrol Sgt. Gary Mueller said a trooper went to Bryan Thursday to pick up the cameras, videocassette recorder and video monitor, and he expects the equipment to be installed by Monday.

"We'll be using them primarily for DWI reasons and drug cases," Mueller said. "It shows the jury or the grand jury, or whoever reviews it, exactly what happened. Here's the trooper getting consent to search the vehicle, or executing a warrant and here's what he found, sitting right up there on top of the trunk."

The equipment cost the county nothing: The bill - more than $16,000 - was paid with drug money seized by area law enforcement agencies.

"The dopers are paying for this," Mueller said. "I think it's appropriate that this is something that is aiding in prosecution, as well as for the safety of the troopers, (and) is being paid for by the people who are profiteering from the illegal drug trade."

DPS spokesman Mike Cox said seized assets are just one of the ways the video equipment is paid for.

"We're getting them donated, either by individuals or groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or like in (Victoria County's) case, by local governments using either their own funds or money from drug busts," he said by telephone from Austin.



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