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Sept. 29, 2016 at 5:12 p.m.
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Antiques, Art and Beer is a small bar with a twist located in the heart of Shiner, serving more than 300 beers as well as offering unique antique items for sale.

Antiques, Art and Beer is a small bar with a twist located in the heart of Shiner, serving more than 300 beers as well as offering unique antique items for sale.   Bonnie Arbittier for The Victoria Advocate

SHINER - Imagine a place where you could sip on a cold beer while shopping for antiques or other art objects.

Shoppers at Antiques, Art and Beer in downtown Shiner can do just that.

When Beverly Sanders opened Antiques, Art and Beer, she thought it would be a hobby. She didn't know she would pave the way for tourists and locals to come drink and shop.

"I thought I would sit in the corner and paint, and once in a while somebody would come through and we would have a glass of wine and visit, but no," Sanders, 62, said.

Sanders opened the popular shop at 720 N. Ave. E, Shiner, 13 years ago on a whim.

She bought her state license to sell liquor, beer and wine a few months after she opened the business. Originally she wanted to give a free glass of wine to shoppers, but the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission advised her against that.

The bar serves more than 300 different beers and 190 different wines ranging from 6 percent to 17 percent alcohol content, Sanders said. She keeps many of her unique beers in a large three-door freezer and her Mexican beers in another freezer and has a walk-in freezer for domestic beers. She also has four freezers for the wines.

"There's some phenomenal beers out there that don't even taste like beer," Sanders said. "One day I looked up and had more than 200 kinds, including of beers, and I was in shock."

She finds unique beers by subscribing to draft magazines and studying them to find beers from across the U.S. and around the world. To provide the unique beers at the bar she has to ask beer distributors such as Del Papa Distributing Company and Hartman Distributing Company to provide them, she said.

Sanders sells four draft beers, all local to Shiner, including Shiner Bock, Shiner Premium, Shiner Strawberry Blonde and Shiner Light Blonde.

The bar sells antiques of all kinds inducing furniture, candle sticks, glassware, vases, neon signs and beer and wine memorabilia.

Sanders has so many antiques she has many of them locked upstairs and will retrieve them if customers describe something she has they're looking for, she said.

Before Sanders opened the bar, she started collecting antiques by attending sales and keeping the merchandise in storage units. After she was open for a few years, people started coming to her bar to sell her antiques. Sanders also has contacts with antique shops from around the world from working in international real estate for 25 years.

Art is found around every corner of the the bar. Sanders sells pottery, paintings and prints from artists from Turkey, Mexico, Texas, New York and Shiner.

She also sells food products made by local residents, including jellies, jams, hot sauces, Habanero green beans, Habanero carrots and homemade fudge she makes.

Sanders got the idea to start making fudge from wine-drinking customers who wanted something to complement their beverage.

"These products, if you every taste them, are the most phenomenal products," she said.

Antiques, Art and Beer is locally famous for a drink called the Hot Blonde, which Sanders has served for the last four years. Sanders takes 16 ounces of Shiner Premium beer, adds a few spoonfuls of Habanero green bean juice and adds three green beans to top off the beer.

"I feel like I make more Hot Blondes than anything else, and I never even thought I'd be a bartender," Sanders said.

The bar has handmade domino tables that Ervin Chumchal, 71, and his friends come to play dominoes on every Tuesday in the bar's game room. They have played dominoes at the bar since it opened.

"It's a nice quiet place to be," Chumchal said. "It's unique for Shiner. There's a lot of out-of-town people who come here. She's got antiques everywhere. It's just a unique place. It's different."

Chumchal said the building the shop is in was a domino hall 50 years ago.

His father and friends played dominoes together there.

"Playing dominoes without drinking beer would be like dancing without music," said domino player Jimmy Lloyd, 76.



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