Schroeder Hall has new owner after eBay bid

Ismael Perez By Ismael Perez

April 15, 2017 at 10:48 p.m.
Updated April 16, 2017 at 6 a.m.

Linda Krause

Linda Krause   Contributed photo for The Victoria Advocate

Memories flashed through Linda Krause's mind as she stood in front of the historic Schroeder Hall on Saturday, a place she spent many date nights with her late husband.

The only difference now: The dance hall is hers.

The online bidding for the dance hall ended Saturday, with Krause winning the auction with the bid of $499,700.

The 66-year-old Victoria woman said she was nervous and giddy when she was announced as the new owner.

Krause said she used to go every Friday and Saturday night when she was dating her late husband, Bill Krause.

"I was outside there today looking at it, and it brought back memories of me and my husband," Krause said. "He died 11 years ago - it (seeing the hall) was kind of sad and happy at the same time."

Krause said they had talked about buying the hall if it ever came up for sell, and when she saw the sale advertised, she took no chances.

"I did higher bidding than others did, because I wanted it," she said. "I just thought other people would bid more than me."

The last bid was $261,500 before Krause entered her almost $500,000 bid.

She said that before the music and dancing starts up again, the hall will be closed for a couple of months.

Krause said Schroeder Hall will be remodeled to follow Americans with Disabilities Act regulations and make it compliant for those with handicaps. She added they will upgrade the sprinkler and fire system.

Krause is currently looking for a commercial general contractor.

As for the music, she said she would work on getting better bands to perform at the hall, and she will have nights where local bands can perform as well. She is a fan of country and Western music but will include whatever is popular.

"I want to make the hall safe and provide people with really good entertainment," Krause said. "If they have suggestions for bands, they can tell me."

Krause can only imagine how her late husband would react to the news.

"He would be so happy; he always wanted to own a dance hall," she said. "He would be over the moon happy."



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