Stacy rolls lone 700 set

April 15, 2017 at 6:12 p.m.

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist   Abel Garcia for The Victoria Advocate

Mike Stacy was the lone bowler to break the 700 mark in a week that produced minimal big scores.

Competing in the Sugar & Spice League, he rolled individual games of 203, 242 and 258 for a 703 total. He also rolled a 258-653 in another league.

Tim Miller posted the second high score in the Monday Mixed League with a 244 high game contributing toward a 672 total.

The only other bowlers who broke the 250-650 mark were Pablo Delgado (650), Dustin Rowe (268) and Abel Garcia (253-648).

Sharon Guinn bowled a 201 high game on her way to a 541 series in the Sugar & Spice League.

JoAnna McNary and Olivia Jackson posted a 539 set to tie for second.

Texas USBC State Open

The Texas USBC State Open featured its opening weekend squad April 8-9 in Houston with one Victoria team competing. There will be many more local area teams which will compete in the tournament that runs through June 11.

Randy's Raiders was one of the 34 teams that opened the tournament and they set a standard for the other teams to follow in Division 3, which is in the 181-199 average bracket.

The team is in first place with a handicap score of 3,352 with Randy Vivero setting the pace with a 665 scratch and 732 set with handicap.

The singles board is dominated by the local team with Abel Garcia in first with 769, Robert Lyman third with 728, Robert Mowles sixth with 718, Kenny Schupbach seventh with 717 and Larry Hall 12th with 694.

In the doubles event, Garcia-Lyman was first with 1,473, Vivero-Hall seventh (1,340) and Mowles-Schupbach was ninth (1,319).

In All Events, the team is also well represented with Garcia first with 2,231, Schupbach fourth at 2,068, Vivero fifth with 2,059, Mowles sixth with 2,045 and Lyman 11th at 2,000.

Based on last year's final standing scores, the present scores will drop down on the leaderboard but for two weeks they represent a great weekend of bowling for a local team.

On a personal level I bowled a 749 scratch set in the doubles event. Since I had not bowled a 700 set since the 2015 season, I was beginning to worry that my bowling skill has diminished with age but the big set renews my optimism.

Well wishes

Joe Wittenburg hopes to be back on the lanes in two or three weeks. He had surgery several weeks ago and then an infection delayed his recovery time but he is now healing nicely.

Senior bowler RikkyHowlett missed bowling due to a heart problem but she is ready to bowl again.

Bowler remembered

It is with sorrow that I note that a former Victoria league bowler, Margaret Kalinowski, passed away at the age of 96. She was one of the early women league bowlers in the 1950s at the Victoria Lanes. My condolence and sympathy to the family.

Other news

The drawing winner at the VUSBC Open Women's City Tournament is Lee Caballero. He won a bowling ball. The winners for the team entry refund were Crossroads Rollers (Open) and Family Ties (Women's).


TURKEY TROTTERS 1ST LADY BUGS Women: L. Edmondson 471; SPRING SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST (tie) IT'S NOT MY FAULT and JUST ROLLIN Women: R. Wortham 458; D. Sanchez 457; Men: M. Osterson 609; J. Cass 601; MONDAY MIXED 1ST ALVA & THE CHIPMUNKS Women: N. Schmidt 478. D. Kerr 476; Men: T. Miller 244-672; D. Rowe 268-636; P. Alva 233-598; S. Kocian 595; T. Williams 595; R. Waterbury 586; J. Holbert 585; S. Dickinson 570; B. Redding 563; J. Talbott 563; D. Tamm 555; W. Hendrix 552; OVER THE HILL 1ST JUST FRIENDS Women: C. Goode 494; Men: A. Garcia 253-648; D. Marques 223-589; E. Lopez 527; S. Gritta 527; J. Cavazos 518; G. Brooks 517; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST (tie) HANG DAT ASS and WANNA BEES Women: S. Guinn 541; J. McNary 539; C. Speer 519; L. Cooper 221-505; Men: M. Stacy 258-703; J. Talbott 236-628; J. Tweedle 627; C. Aiken 626; T. Crowe 225-623; M. Wortham 230-618; L. Conner 613; M. Osterson 235-605; S. Zeplin 225-602; B. Korczynski 228-599; J. Gardner 598; T.J. Mooney 579; S. Chambers 574; M. Alex 225-574; T. Bennett 557; CAPITANS'S 1ST GIRLFRIENDS Women: N. Wallace 509; SUNDOWNERS 1ST Standings not current, waiting on make-up games for position round. Women: O. Jackson 539; J. McNary 209-522; C. Nelson 536; S. Guinn 533; P. Robles 532; Men: M. Stacy 258-653; P. Delgado 245-650; S. Snow 227-641; T.J. Mooney 248-640; D. Glass 244-635; J. Talbott 25-632; G. Hatter Jr. 627; S. Zeplin 245-626; M. Michalec 623; T. Bennett 617; M. Osterson 233-611; M. Doss 609; R. Gabrysch 607; L. Boyd 606; G. Mason 605; M. Svatek 603; C. Hammack 602; J. Cano 229-596; S. Dickinson 229-593; E. Torres 230-590; J. Flores 232-572; R. Mott 240-571; S. Miller 566; M. Unger 565; L. Fuhrman 235-561; R. Lyman 557; J. Cass 554; SPRING NO-TAP 1ST (tie) SLAP HANDS and TEAM 4 Men: A. Whitehead 277-790; W. Matous 267-672; J. Blount 275.



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