Are these decor ideas dating your home?

By Kathryn Weber
Aug. 17, 2017 at 10:30 p.m.
Updated Aug. 18, 2017 at 6 a.m.

When your nightstand is on the small side, it can throw the look of your bedroom decor off.

When your nightstand is on the small side, it can throw the look of your bedroom decor off.   Dreamstime for The Victoria Advocate

It might be something you saw in a decor store or a style you just knew you'd love forever, but it could be the thing that's making your house look dated. It's easy to not notice that your home is regressing before your eyes, because you simply stop seeing those dated elements. Over time, though, our houses can become a time warp of trends from various styles (chevron or ikat print, anyone?) and eras. Even expensive investments lose their luster over time, but changing them doesn't have to mean a complete renovation.

Border crossing

If there's one item that can take you time traveling, it's wallpaper border. Wallpaper is in again but borders are definitively out. If you want to give your house a fast and easy update, simply take down that wallpaper border then see how your wallpaper stacks up. Taking down the border will be an instant improvement.

Reading signs

Nobody really needs to be told to eat, do they? Those cute signs and quotation decals will pull your home right out of today and make your decor seem older than it needs to be. Remove those signs and take down those decals and replace them with a chic grouping of pictures or art pieces. A gallery wall adds interest, updates your room and will bring your home up to date.

Short stuff

If your kitchen backsplash is 8 or fewer inches, it effectively cuts the wall space between your upper and lower kitchen cabinets in half, creating a visual water line on your wall. Remove the backsplash and add a new one that fills up the whole wall space and you'll create a current look that makes your kitchen stylish and unified.


Today's beds frequently don't have footboards. If they do, they're usually on the smaller side, making the headboard more prominent. Oversized footboards can make the bed not feel anchored in the room. The simple fix is to remove them. If your bed frame is part of the footboard, consider a new bed frame so you can affix the headboard to it.

Small bedside

When your nightstand is on the small side, it can throw the look of your bedroom decor off. Bed side tables should be more generously sized and in proportion to the room and bed. The same is true of lamps. Give your bedroom an update with some new grown up nightstands and larger lamps.


The small pendant lights so popular at the turn of the century have lost their luster. Replace these with larger drum shades for a fast change. Or for something even quicker, take off the pendant glass and replace the bulb with an Edison bulb. The cool shape and lighted filament create interest and character that's current.

Heavy wood

A real sign that your house is dated is heavy wood cabinets and trim. Lighten up by painting wood trim with white paint. In the kitchen, dark and ornate cabinets will take your home's style backward, but it's nothing a coat of light-colored paint, such as a dove gray or white, can't fix. The new color will lighten up your home and refresh your style without buying new cabinets.

Kathryn Weber is a home and decorating columnist and publishes the Red Lotus Letter feng shui ezine. For more information, contact Weber through her website,



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