Conchola masters lanes for top score

Dec. 9, 2017 at 9:57 p.m.

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist   Abel Garcia for The Victoria Advocate

It has been awhile since Michael Conchola earned the top weekly scoring honor, but he was able to distance himself from the rest of the bowlers during Sundowner League play and grab this week's headline.

Conchola did not have an open in the three-game set as he rolled individual games of 248, 240, and 258 to total 746 for the night. He must have been in a zone where timing and ball speed are achieved subconsciously for a consistent release.

Jerry Cano posted the second high score with games of 192, 237, and 242 for a 671 set during Monday Mixed action.

Other bowlers breaking the 250-650 mark were T.J. Mooney (668), Shawn Miller (266-667), Brian Hyden (654), Curtis Rau (257), and Joe Talbott (252).

Olivia Jackson edged out Pat Robles for the top women's score with a 214 high game contributing towards a 597 set during Sundowner League play.

Robles started Sugar & Spice League action with a very nice 234 game and finished with a 593 series.

Lyssa Conchola, with a 576, and Sharon Guinn, with 560, also scored well.

It is with sorrow that I note of two former league bowlers having passed away. Bill Robert Cochran and Robert Willis bowled in mixed leagues in the mid-1960s. Willis was competing at the Palace Lanes and Cochran bowled at the Victoria Lanes. I extend my sympathy and condolence to the families.

A few days after Randy Vivero bowled a 716 series last week, he underwent surgery to repair damage to his lower vertebrate. He went home Tuesday afternoon after being released to recuperate and will visit his doctor Dec. 21 to see when he can return to the lanes. Best wishes for a good recovery and hope the Puddy Ball will still work.

After the final game was completed in the 2017 World Bowling Championship at the South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas, Team USA won gold medals in men's doubles and team event and the women's trio and all events.

The men's team roster was Tommy Jones, Chris Barnes, Marshall Kent, AJ Johnson, and Chris Via in the semifinal game and Jacob Butturff in the title game. They defeated Chinese Taipei in back to back wins in the best-of-three series.

Jones and Barnes had beaten Hong Kong's Lau Kwun and Eric Tseng in two straight matches earlier in the week. for the doubles gold.

Team USA's Danielle McEwan won the women's All Events and gold with a 24- game score of 5,134. The U.S. women also won trio gold with a roster of Shannon O'Keefe, McEwan and Kelly Kulick.

In the final event of the tournament Canada's Francois Lavoie won the men's Master's Gold and Chinese Taipei's Xuzhe Jia won the women's Master's gold.


OVER THE HILL 1ST THE SENIORS Women: C. Wilson 476; C. Guerra 475; Men: A. Garcia 220-603; J. Cavazos 567; A. Hempel 211-540; R. Estrada 523; D. Marques 522; M. Almendarez 505; J. Cooley 503. M. Mathieu 501; MONDAY MIXED 1ST JUST ROLLIN' Women: D. Kern 418; Men: J. Cano 242-671; D. Rowe 230-617; R. Lyman 227-616; J. Matson 245-602; S. Kocian 601; J. Cooper 593; T. Bennett 585; L. Hall 578; R. Vivero 573; S. Dickinson 234-573; K. Schupbach 562; S. Turek 559; R. Martinez 557; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST (tie) WANNA BEES and JUST BOWL Women: P. Robles 234-593; S. Guinn 560; Men: M. Stacy 239-644; M. Michalec 231-607; M. Gschwind 224-598; L. Conner 233-592; M. Osterson 224-584; M. Wortham 224-584; T. Bennett 578; L. Hall 225-578; S. Miller 238-576; T. Crowe 571; B. Jackson 227-568; D. Padgett 562; P. Delgado 559; S. Zeplin 555; J. Tweedle 233-552; CAPTAIN'S 1ST PIN PALS Women: L. Burrows 214-498; SUNDOWNERS 1ST WHO! Women: O. Jackson 214-597; L. Conchola 208-576; C. Speer 542; C. Nelson 540; K. Miller 506; L. Williams 201-501; Men: M. Conchola 258-746; T.J. Mooney 241-668; S. Miller 266-667; B. Hyden 654; C. Rau 257-646; S. Dickinson 633; J. Tweedle 238-632; G. Hatter jr. 225-628; G. Mason 246-624; D. Glass 231-614; J. Talbott 252-608; S. Snow 226-606; J. Matson 235-604; B. Hammack 225-597; R. Lyman 581; J. Cano 579; M. Unger 576; M. Stacy 573; T. Bennett 572; E. Smith 225-569; R. Estrada 230-560; P. Delgado 560; T. Bennett 554; R. Rendon 226-553; D. Reissig 552.



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