Zeplin rolls week's top score

Dec. 23, 2017 at 9:12 p.m.

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist   Abel Garcia for The Victoria Advocate

Steve Zeplin had the pins dancing during the first game of Sugar & Spice League competition to roll a very good 256 high game. He followed with individuals of 211 and 235 to post a 702 series and the only 700 for the week to take the weekly honors.

Scott Snow rolled two nice games of 254 and 236 to help toward a 685 series in Sundowner action for the second high total.

Bowlers breaking the 250-650 mark were Mike Wortham (255-682), Joe Wittenburg (675), Mike Unger (669), Tom Crowe (668), Mike Stacy 9257-658), Abel Garcia (654), Rob Lyman (268), Lindy Conner (253). James Holbert bowled a very nice game of 247 and 648 series.

Christine Speer continues her great bowling with a 245 middle game in the Sugar & Spice League, contributing toward a great set. She started league play with a 172 game and finished with a 213 to lead the women with a 630 total. She also posted a 234 high game and 618 series in Sundowner competition.

Trudy Wortham and Joanna McNary also scored well with sets of 556 and 555, respectively.

The Over The Hill League and the Monday Mixed League will not compete for the next two weeks due to Christmas and New Year's Eve Holidays.

Century Lanes is hosting its annual New Year's Eve No-Tap Jackpot Doubles Tournament. Entry forms are at the lane's front desk.

On my behalf I want to wish all my readers a merry Christmas and hope you enjoy celebrating with family and friends.

Liz Johson has shown that she is the best bowler ever in the Professional Women's Bowling Association with three consecutive Bowler of The Year Awards and 25 PWBA Tour titles, including 10 majors.

Now she is emerging as a star in the PBA Tour with a victory in the WSOB IX Chameleon Championship that was broadcast onESPN last Sunday from the Reno National Bowling Stadium.

With a format that had four finalists bowling at the same time and the top-two finishers bowling for the title, she rolled pressure strikes in the 10th frame of the first game to finish as the top seed with a 257 game. Anthony Pepe rolled a 255 game to secure a spot in the finals. Wes Malott struck out in the 10th for a 248 game to force Johnson to strike. The fourth bowler was Tom Smallwood, who ended with a 236 game.

The championship match was no contest, with Johnson hammering the pocket in the first nine frames to take a commanding lead going into the 10th frame. After Pepe ended with a 206 game, Johnson left the 4-6-7-10 split in the final frame for a 220 game and her first PBA National Tour Title.

She becomes the second woman in the 60-year history of the PBA to win a tour title, with Kelly Kulick having won the 2010 PBA Tournament of Champions.

The second tournament televised last Sunday was the PBA Shark Championship with Charlie Brown Jr., Richie Teece (England), Tom Daugherty, and Marshall Kent battling for the title. Brown and Teece were making their first national TV appearance and were the underdogs.

The underdogs made it to the finals with Brown leading with a 227 game and Teece rolling a 209 game. Splits by Daugherty (197) and Kent (193) prevented them from the title match.

In the title match, Teece won his first title with a 193-176 victory over Brown.

ESPN will televise the WSOB IX PBA Cheetah Championship at noon Sunday with the Pepsi PBA Scorpion Championship to follow. Jason Belmonte will be competing in both events.


WILD TURKEY 1ST C+3W=X Women: T. Wortham 203-556; K. Kucker 508; Men: M. Wortham 255-682; K. Blake 580; J. Cass 569; W. Mikeska 541; OVER THE HILL 1ST THE SENIORS Women: C. Wilson 204-513; C. Guerra 511; C. Goode 465; Men: A. Garcia 225-654; A. Hempel 539; R. Estrada 206-534; MONDAY MIXED 1ST JUST ROLLIN' Women: J. Reyna 215-530; Men: J. Holbert 247-648; S. Dickinson 234-633; K. Schupbach 623; R. Lyman 268-620; B. Turek 224-613; S. Kocian 612; T. Bennett 245-609; J. Matson 602; J. Wittenburg 599; L. Hall 233-597; M. Lane 237-585; P. Alva 582; D. Rowe 224-578; L. Caballero 224-575; D. Padgett 571; D. Flounders 571; D. Tamm 569; R. Barnette 565; W. Kern 564; J. Talbott 560; R. Marques 236; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST WANNA BEES Women: C. Speer 245-630; O. Jackson 529; J. Reyna 509; R. Wortham 508; Men: S. Zeplin 256-702; T. Crowe 235-668; L. Conner 253-643; M. Michalec 246-628; M. Wortham 226-617; B. Korczynski 238-609; B. Jackson 578; D. Dye 575; M. Osterson 575; J. Tweedle 572; L. Hall 555; D. Padgett 240-546; SUNDOWNER 1ST WHO! Women: C. Speer 234-618; J. McNary 555; O. Jackson 538; L. Williams 201-538; R. Wortham 512; Men: S. Snow 256-685; J. Wittenburg 245-675; M. Unger 242-669; M. Stacy 257-658; TJ. Mooney 647; D. Richards 233-620; B. Hammack 227-610; J. Talbott 242-612; B. Hyden 234-602; G. Mason 602; R. Lyman 602; J. Twqeedle 235-601; S. Dickinson 600; K. Stasny 597; D. Knowlan 587; J. Flores 225-583; D. Marques 573; C. Hammack 573; D. Reissig 571; T. Bennett 564; R. Estrada 556; J. Matson 555; M. Osterson 554; L. Fuhrman 551.



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