Thumbs-up, thumbs-down; it's your choice

Dec. 24, 2017 at 1 p.m.


Thumbs-up for the cherished blessings and the splendor of renewal that is there for all to witness each Christmas! Look beyond the fancy outfits, cumbersome celebrations, beautifully decorated trees and lavish presents, for there you will find the most wonderful Christmas gift of all: The true meaning of Christmas! Jesus taught one very consistent lesson - to love one another. So, let us each do our part, strive for peace on Earth and good will toward our fellow man - and in doing so create Heaven on Earth.

John, Victoria

Thumbs-up to Dr. William Attra and the St. Romanos Chorale for their performances in Victoria on Dec. 17.

Sister Frances, Victoria

Thumbs-up to keeping a gratitude journal. It can be kept in a simple little notebook or a handsomely bound book of empty pages. The thing that matters is being consistent with the writing. By regularly focusing on current blessings and noting them in a designated journal, one becomes more aware of fortunate circumstances that are all too easy to take for granted. The reflecting and recording increase the appreciation and leave a trail of good memories.

Jane, Victoria

Thumbs-up to all the Nazareth Academy students who performed at the Christmas program "The Gift."

It was an incredible and joyous event. What a gift and blessing to see such talented students. Merry Christmas and thanks to all the supportive staff. God bless!

Cathy, Victoria

Thumbs-up to the Dennis Patillo food columns - sophistication without pretense.

James, Victoria

Thumbs-up for the Asleep at the Wheel "Merry Texas Christmas Y'All" Concert being brought to Victoria. They are never a disappointment. Ray's voice, the twin fiddles, steel guitar, piano and the rest of the band provided a swinging, boogying night. Only thing left was to say, "More."

Ron, Victoria

Thumbs-up to the manager of TDECU on Rio Grande Street, Aubrey Gil. Very nice in trying to help customers with their needs.

Alton, Victoria


Thumbs-down to people driving in neighborhoods with car windows down and their radios blaring away. The radio volume is so high, the noise will literally make houses vibrate. This happens 24/7 and is especially aggravating when we're being awakened from sleep after midnight. I wish the police would step up enforcement for this annoyance and issue tickets for disturbing the peace.

Jerry, Victoria

Thumbs-down to the unsightly piece of property on Airline Road just west of the future home of the Muslim mosque and on both sides of the nearby railroad tracks. The beautiful mosque should not be so close to an area cluttered with abandoned vehicles, debris and the ever growing piles of assorted stuff.

Charles, Victoria

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