Long-time Advocate reader shares poem about snow

Dec. 27, 2017 at 4:15 p.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

After reading the editorial view in the Victoria Advocate on Dec. 21, I thought I would send in my rendition of what happened here in Bay City.

I am 80 years old and have been a Victoria Advocate reader for over 50 years. I have never been disappointed by the Advocate. In all these years, maybe three times I've missed getting a paper.

The Snow (2017)

The soft white flakes came floating down

On the dark silence of the night.

They covered ev'rything below

In a mantle of brilliant white.

The trees stood as if tall white ghosts

As the darkness turned into light.

When the children came out to play,

The snow was such a huge delight.

Snowmen appeared in many yards.

And soon snowballs began to fly.

What fun the people had that day

As the hours slowly went by.

But all too soon the snow was gone,

With the tramping of many feet.

The sidewalks showed many footprints.

Only brown mush covered each street.

For one snow-filled day we had fun

As long as the snow was still there.

When the sun finally came out,

The snow melted in the warm air.

When snow does come to South Texas,

It is really a sight for all.

I just wish it would not take years

For us to wait for a snowfall!

Pat McLeod, Bay City



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