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Do These 9 Things And You May Avoid The Flu

Feb. 17, 2017 at midnight

It often takes weeks of treatment to get rid of the flu. If treated improperly, it can even lead to pneumonia, asthma and other infections. Instead of dealing with the coughing, sneezing, fever and the chance of complications, it's best not to catch the virus in the first place. Here are nine things you can do to avoid the flu altogether:

1. Get Your Flu Shot

With each year that passes, the influenza viruses adapt but so do the vaccines. Researchers carefully choose the strains they deem most common. Flu vaccination efficiency stood at 59 percent in 2015 and is estimated to drop this season, but the odds are still good enough to warrant a shot.

2. Get an Even Stronger Flu Shot

As we get older, our immune systems begin to drop the ball more often. New vaccine formulations are targeted towards people older than 65. These formulations are stronger than the norm and boost the body's response when defending from virus attacks.

3. Give Garlic a Chance

Garlic is considered a natural antibiotic. It's effective in fighting all sorts of infections and it can also tackle the flu. However, if you make a habit out of eating garlic daily -either cloves or supplements- you lower the chances of catching it in the first place. Uncut garlic cloves bolster the immune system.

4. Enjoy a Cup of Tea

A warm beverage is always welcome in the cold flu season but tea (made from the actual plant) does a lot more than just warm you up. Whether black, green or white, tea helps the nostrils to filter viruses and bacteria by stimulating the cilia (the tiny nose hairs). It's even more effective when coupled with honey and lemon.

5. Up Your Zinc Intake

Some flu virus strains, like the H1N1 thrive in hosts who suffer from zinc deficiency. Increasing zinc intake can fortify the body and prevent infections. While there are supplements out there -that should only be taken if recommended by a doctor- zinc can also be found in beef, pumpkin and flax seeds, spinach and even shrimp.

6. Add Ginger to Your Diet

Ginger root can prove effective in both treating and prevention of the flu. It aids the body in eliminating toxins through sweat but also helps the immune system. Since it's rich in anti-oxidants, ginger contributes to a quicker regeneration of cells. including white ones.

7. Keep Your Hands Clean

Washing your hands often should be second-nature, though it's easy to sometimes forget. During a single day, hands touch a ridiculous amount of surfaces, clothes, door-handles, gadgets and even other hands. Germs end up being carried around and it takes one itchy nose and a dirty finger to get the flu virus closer to its goal.

8. Watch What You Touch

Since you can't wash your hands or use hand sanitizer every other minute -it's not recommended anyway- sometimes it's just best to avoid touching objects that are clearly contaminated like subway or bus poles and bannisters.

9. Avoid The Sick

The flu is highly contagious. If you can, avoid interacting with those already infected. Even if they don't touch you, the virus can easily travel up to 6 feet. Talking, coughing or sneezing in your general direction can propel the virus and increase your chances of catching it.



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