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5 Things to Know as Mosquito Season Begins: Tips for Texans

Feb. 24, 2017 at midnight

As Texans, we all know how bothersome, and even dangerous, mosquitoes can be. Picnics, sporting events, and after-dinner walks are just a few everyday activities that the little pests try to ruin. With that time of year approaching, let’s talk about the five things we need to know about mosquito season.

Take Care of the Lawn

Large and small lawns alike are breeding grounds for mosquitoes because some types lay their eggs on the ground instead of in the water. Watering the grass even once a week may be enough to encourage skeeters, so call a professional service about lawn treatment. The pest-control agents will inspect the yard and recommend a spray based on their findings. Having them spray the lawn on a regular basis makes the environment hostile to mosquitoes without damaging the grass or making the area unsafe for people and pets. Best of all, having professionals spray the yard on a schedule leaves the family free to enjoy the beautiful weather.

These professionals can also assess the rest of the property, looking for other areas of interest--including ways that the skeeters may be getting into the house--and recommend additional ways to stay safe this mosquito season.

Treat or Get Rid of the Water

Eliminate standing water wherever possible; H20 accumulates in everything from the kids’ tire swing to small depressions in the lawn. If the water is there to stay—a stock tank, a pet’s water bowl, or a birdbath, just to name a few sources—treat it with an appropriate remedy. Professional pest-control services know which options are safe and effective for different situations, so contact them to confirm which approach is best for what type of water.

Protect the Family

Mosquito bites are, at best, itchy and annoying. At worst, they can spread sicknesses like West Nile virus. Protect everybody in the family with mosquito repellent. There is no one clear “champion” as far as type of repellent goes. One family may do best with personal sprays, some of which are EPA registered. while another is most comfortable in the outdoors with fans or a personal repelling device that protects against mosquitoes, gnats, and even flies.

For the four-legged family members, consult the veterinarian about different repellents. Some once-monthly treatments for the back of the neck, for example, can repel various pests, from mosquitoes to fleas to ticks, for up to one month.

Encourage Other Wildlife

Mosquitoes, like so many other creatures, have natural predators. Taking advantage of that can be as simple as adding certain types of fish to the pond or encouraging frogs and turtles to stick around. In fact, some mosquitoes eat other mosquitoes! Pest-control experts can give additional insight and make recommendations based on the local ecosystem.

Take Care of Bites

Sometimes, mosquito bites happen despite everybody’s best efforts. Try calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream, both of which are over-the-counter remedies, for the itching and swelling. Additional symptoms may be serious, so don’t hesitate to call the doctor; this may head off a potentially serious illness or even save a life.

Mosquito season will be here soon enough; before the first swarm shows up for an outdoor concert, baseball game, or family reunion, prepare the lawn, people, and pets. This will take some of the stress out of the next few months or so, allowing everybody to enjoy time outside with family and friends.



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