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How Granite Remnants Can Extend Your Design Vision

July 13, 2017 at midnight

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? The countertop that you choose can have a big impact on the final look and feel. Few countertops offer the visual impact of granite. The sprawling, shining surface is a work of art, revealing intricate stone patterns formed naturally over thousands or millions of years.

Granite is also practical. Strong and durable, its seamless surface is easy to maintain and offers a plane worktop for rolling out pie crusts and shaping bread doughs.

For some, the only limitation is cost. This factor is what makes granite remnants—the leftover product from a previous project—an excellent option for countertops throughout the home. Granite remnants can bring granite back within your budget and extend your design vision.

Here’s how:

For the Kitchen

Some granite remnants may be large enough to cover the countertop space of a smaller kitchen. Even if a complete granite revamp isn’t possible, a remnant is perfect for covering a kitchen island. That design upgrade can be enough to add visual appeal and create a more functional workspace.

If your house may be on the market soon, a small investment like topping an island with granite can help your home be more competitive with fully remodeled kitchens.

For Other Rooms

Granite has uses beyond the kitchen. It’s a smart choice for bathroom countertops, where remnants are a perfect fit. While large slabs usually cover long kitchen counters, plenty of low-cost remnants are available for affordable yet equally impactful bathroom upgrades.

If you’re deciding between a kitchen or bathroom remodel, granite remnants may allow you to fulfill all your design goals for the bathroom upgrade. Then, with a bit more waiting and saving, you can complete the granite look with a larger kitchen remodel.

Kitchens and bathrooms aren’t the limits, however. If you love granite, a remnant can help a drab coffee table become a statement piece for your living room. It can also provide a durable exterior tabletop to make outdoor entertaining easier and more luxurious.

To Tie It All Together

You may also consider using small granite remnants as stepping stones from a back porch to a gazebo. The slabs that are too small for countertops or tabletops may be even less expensive—but no less visually impressive.

Even the smallest granite remnants still offer an opportunity to incorporate granite into your overall design. An accent as simple as granite coasters can help tie together a kitchen and living room.

As with stepping stones, smaller ideas come with increasingly lower costs. A small remnant has fewer potential uses and less value to granite sellers, so you’re more likely to get a deep discount.

The best way to get started is to take a tour of a local granite yard, where you can get inspired by the range of patterns and colors. The only limit is your imagination.



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